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Jan 22nd 2004

Bill Maher on Howard Dean

Bill Maher had this to say about Howard Dean’s recent let-me-list-the-states-Yeeeaaaarrrggh outburst:

“…appropriate if you’re a crystal meth addict at a Don King weight in.”


One Response to “Bill Maher on Howard Dean”

  1. dave letterman gave us “top ten dean excuses”. my favorites were nos. 2-8:

    8. “Weekend before the caucus, wasted 55 crucial hours marrying Britney Spears”

    7. “By mistake, campaigned in Ohio”

    6. “Due to fatigue on campaign trail, kissed hands and shook babies”

    5. “Dennis Kucinich stole one percent of my vote”

    4. “Saddam Hussein endorsement didn’t help”

    3. “In retrospect, shouldn’t have opened speeches with ‘Yo Mama’ jokes”

    2. “Bad idea to keep asking self, ‘What would Dukakis do?'”

    [link to top ten page]