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Dec 12th 2003

BJ clinton versus GW bush

we got this comment the other day to our “miserable failure” post. while i sympathize with this person’s situation, i believe some misconceptions taint the argument:


Call Clinton a miserable failure all you want, but my family moved up over his eight years, despite our struggling financial situation.

Now that Bush’s changes are starting to take effect, we have to consider moving into a small trailer. We go without heat to save money.

Tell that to people in our situation. I’m not presenting vague political figures. My life is case in point. The president can engage in whatever affairs he wants, that’s between him and his family, so long as MY family can keep dinner on the table. No, Bush didn’t have extra-marital relationships (that we know of), but he’s certainly not doing a good job at keeping families like mine living in the American condition (that of hard work bringing prosperity).

hey, i’m sorry about your situation.

but before we go calling clinton “accomplished” (look what he did for the sexual liberation of women!) let’s look at the data. [link] via CS&W

bush inherited a shrinking economy from william jefferson (BJ for short) clinton. and now he’s created the biggest economic boom since reagan.

The U.S. economy shrank in the third quarter of 2000, the government said on Wednesday, with figures showing that America was on the brink of recession months earlier than previously thought.

Instead of inching ahead at the first reported 0.6 percent annual rate in that quarter, GDP shrank 0.5 percent, Commerce said.

President Bush and his economic team have long insisted he inherited a recession from the former Clinton administration, and the White House may seize on these new numbers to back that claim.

and bush’s economy?

third-quarter 2003 data shows the most recent measure of growth a swift annual clip of 8.2 percent.

snap! maybe if clinton woulda payed a little more attention to the economy and growing threats from islamofacism, and a little less attention to whether monica, et al were hitting his g-spot, you wouldn’t have to go without heat right now. bill clinton is your miserable failure, dear. reelect bush in 2004 if you want to see things continue to get better.

let's roll.

george bush believes in god, and thus moral rights and wrongs. not like clinton, who is so confused about right and wrong he is willing to question the meaning of “is” if it’ll get him out of a jam.

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11 Responses to “BJ clinton versus GW bush”

  1. Ed Gantt

    I don’t mean to be insensitive — I know that no matter how prosperous a nation’s economy is there will be some who experience financial harships — but this email you posted strikes me as a bit odd. The writer expects us to believe that they have to go without heat in order to have food on the table, but they’ve got sufficient disposable income to own a computer, maintain internet access, and waste time surfing the internet and responding to this particular weblog??? This is bound to sound crude and cruel, but if the economy of the Bush administration has hit them so hard, they should sell the bloody computer, stop sending $17.95/month to AOL, quit surfing the internet and start finding a job (there are thousands being created every day)!


  2. Doug


  3. Carolyn

    Although I don’t agree with all of President Bush’s economic decisions (perhaps because I’m a bigger fan of Chinese vs. American bras), I think that factors outside of his policies have had a much bigger role: September 11 and its impact on air travel and business, and the shift of computer related business to India, for instance. There ARE other things that effect the economy other than the President. Why do they always receive the blame?

  4. I have now begun to link Howard Dean to the following:




    miserable failure

  5. Doug

    Presidents always get blamed for recessions because they inevitably take the credit for booms.

  6. Nick

    Believing in God does not equate to believing in a moral right and wrong, and atheists can beleive in moral right and wrong. Their morals are just more likely determined by ideologies other than the traditional sense of “god.”

  7. travis

    nick, you’re right. it depends on what kind of god one believes in, or what kind of ideology one follows. my argument is, bush’s god is moral, while clinton’s god is hugh heffner. k?

  8. That “Let’s Roll” image was great…

  9. JC

    Will all of you please take your head out of YOUR president’s ass?

    Your guy, STEALS an election, LIES about weapons of mass destruction, and is responsible for the DEATH of thousands of people. And you have the audacity to talk about morals and God.

    Not to mention his LIES about education.

    The fact that he is a reformed DRUNK, and drug-user also escapes you folks as well.

    Give me the guy who cheats on his wife and lies about it. Ultimately, his LIE only hurt his wife and family.

    Bush’s lie has cost THOUSANDS of lives! But, hey it’s making his oil buddies happy!!!

  10. JC, your CAPITALIZING is audacious, pal!

  11. CC

    JC you little neo-liberal, you needn’t be so condescending with your “all of you” and your “you folks”. Perhaps an apt reply to you by a similarly rabid neo-conservative would be, “You people, or you and your liberal ilk, while fancying yourselves as enlightened intellectuals, do indeed swim in the shallowest end of the gene pool. While your dissolute poster boys and girls are the epitome of drunkeness, dishonor, and untruths, it’s quite alright because that’s the high standard to which you people aspire. You people and your ilk wouldn’t know truth from lies because lying and dissembling in your worldly view is simply an alternative to telling the truth.”

    Finally a decent and honorable man (if not a wreckless spender) was elected President in a constitutionally proper election decided by electoral votes, not by popular vote and you people cannot stand it. Why I’ll bet with your standards, a US Senator could fool around with one of his campaign workers, wreck the car they’re in, leave her submerged in the car to drown, make up some tale of repeated attempts to save her, and then later hit every Spring Break with his nephews, and this would be just fine, as long as he belonged to your Party. It was your same poster boy Senator who was caught on camera doing a little “offshore drilling”, speaking of “oil buddies”. I expect you’re a little young to remember, JC! But with your high standards, this behavior would be just fine.