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Jun 10th 2004

blind, sniping hatred of reagan

you’d expect it at the democratic underground forum. you’d expect it on howard dean’s blog. but not here. not at VH1. i have been enjoying VH1’s “the best week ever blog”. but i seem to disagree with most of the other people who frequent it. there is a movement afoot to have reagan’s image grace the $10 bill. the VH1 blogger merely mentioned this, and the anti-reagan venom began to spew itself freely from idiots everywhere! see here: [link]

some samples:

what is it about death that makes us rave about how wonderful the person was? “hitler died? what a shame. always had a smile, that guy. he was nice to his dog. sure, he was a mass murderer, but everyone’s got their faults.” [link]

what bill will they put him on? because i’ll have to find a way to stop using that one. actually, the only way i’d like to see him on currency is if he’s wearing rouge, and that little red dress nancy’s famous for. [link]

and can you think of a reason to hate nancy? these people can! maybe the ‘say no to drugs’ campaign hurt their feelings:

His wife already looks like like her head should flip backwards and Pez should shoot out. How much more recognizable do they want him to be? [email]

He was president when the government decided to count ketsup as a vegetable in poor kids’ lunches. Reagan opposed civil rights. But his pic on the $10,000 bill would be fitting… by the rich, of the rich, for the rich. F**k REAGAN! [email]

this is a nice tangent from Abu Graib. At least Bush has a few days to think about how to save his ass. [link]

that last one is unbelievable. i can’t wait to hear the liberal conspiracy theorists: “reagan’s been dead for years. the bush administration has been waiting to release the news until just now. lemme see inside that casket!” these people are incomprehensible. and this last comment:

the higher ups in this country are treating the whole situation like he was JESUS CHRIST!!! He wasn’t that great a president seeing as he gave NO MONEY to help AIDS victims until a RICH white woman contracted the disease (f**k the gays, eh Ronnie?). I do NOT think he should be on any currency – unless maybe a 3 1/2 dollar bill because that’s how messed up he and his values as president were. [email]

the comment appeared three times, and the spewer felt she should apologize for that:

sorry for the multiple posts. Damn IT department!

of course, we all know it’s her fault, not the IT department’s. just press “post” once, duh.

but why not blame it on the IT department?!! i mean, if one can pass on the blame for contracting a hard-to-get disease like AIDS to someone else, then looking incompetent on a message board can’t possibly be one’s own fault either. cripes, we’re all victims! victims of evil, fascist republicans! the information technology department at must be a bunch of conservative christians! damn them!

all of this crap spurred me on to comment:

– – – – – – –

you should apologize for your stupidity, too, jennifer. this whole thread is an embarrassment.

you people sound a lot like those berkeley kids who stormed reagan’s office when he was california governor and called him “out of touch” with their needs because he grew up in the olden days and didn’t have all the modern conveniences (of instant communication and air travel and whatnot) that they had. reagan thought and said, “well, you’re right. my generation didn’t have those things. we had to invent them for you.”

i am embarrassed to be from this whiny, ungrateful VH1 generation.

reagan outmuscled and defeated communism when liberal ivy league economists were hailing its strength and endurance–and superiority to democracy.

reagan didn’t ignore AIDS. he didn’t “cause” it. he didn’t even “allow” it to become an epidemic. by the time he left office in 1988, the federal government had spent over 6 billion fighting AIDS. that doesn’t include spending in the private sector.

why do we all assume that if somebody’s a republican, he’s pandering to the rich? reagan inherited an economy that was reeling from mismanagement. he inherited double digit interest rates and an eight or nine percent unemployment rate. after all those disasterous presidencies of the 1970s, people were starting to ask whether america was as great as it used to be. there was talk of a “national malaise”. many questioned whether the presidency was too big a job for one man.

ronald reagan restored dignity to the office, restored our pride in america, defeated communism (which was as big a threat to us then as terrorism is today), and made america better for every american.

maybe putting him on the $10 bill would encourage you ingrates to get your reagan history straight. i say go for it.

– – – – – – –

anyway, go there and read the thread, if you can stand it. maybe a few people will manage to tear themselves away from the E channel or their TiVo’d american idol episodes to respond.

for the inspiring history of ronald wilson reagan, one of our nation’s greatest presidents, see any or all of the following:

peggy noonan’s when character was king

john harmer’s reagan: man of principle

ann coulter’s treason

or try ann’s column from this week. here’s an excerpt. ann highlights reagan’s grasp of liberal’s politically nuanced peace movement:

In the throes of the Cold War — still hot in Vietnam — Reagan forthrightly said liberals refused to acknowledge that the choice was not between “peace and war, only between fight and surrender.” In words that would have come in pretty handy in Spain just a few months ago, he said liberals tell us “if we only avoid any direct confrontation with the enemy, he will forget his evil ways and learn to love us.” All who disagree with the “peace” crowd, he said, “are indicted as warmongers.” To this, Reagan said: “Let’s set the record straight. There is no argument over the choice between peace and war, but there is only one guaranteed way you can have peace — and you can have it in the next second — surrender.” [link]

3 Responses to “blind, sniping hatred of reagan”

  1. Thanks for the great info about the deadbeats thread at VH!1. I read a great book that you shoudl add to your recomendations, it’s called Reagans War by Peter Swietzer (sp). Great book about Reagans 40 year fight against communism starting in his days in Hollywood. -brad

  2. Al

    Unbelievable. It is amazing to see how many jumped on that wagon so quickly after he died. Just amazing. I especially liked some of the ‘wanna-be’ comebacks to trav and doug. Well done, fellas!

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