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Aug 30th 2005

BW&V suggests a law school musical


incidentally, my hate meter* (in increasing order):

5. olives
4. terrorists
2. dell computer corporation and 24 hour fitness (it’s a tie)
1. musicals**

*(subject to change)
**(i may be overestimating my hate for musicals, but it is unlikely)

7 Responses to “BW&V suggests a law school musical”

  1. kerri

    Black or green olives?

  2. BOTH! and if there are any other colors of olives, i will probably hate them, too.

  3. Paco

    What about olive oil?

  4. olive oil = ok

    it is useful for cooking and is tasty on bread (when combined with balsamic vinegar). it is also used by various religions for beneficial purposes.

    as for olive oil, popeye’s love interest, i am not a fan.

  5. "bob"

    So, hypothetically speaking, you would be far more upset to be assalted by musical singing people than by terrorists?

    humph… what dasterdly deed must have musicals done against you to cause such a loathing…

  6. yes. and the majority of people, if they had to be at a funeral, would rather be in the casket than at the podium giving the eugoogoly.*

    life is indeed strange, “bob.”

    *eulogy, only i wrote it like zoolander says it.

  7. Al

    At least it is better than dying in a freak gasoline-fight accidents…