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Mar 23rd 2006

strange bedfellows (no pun intended)

is it just me, or is heidi fleiss hawking conservative t-shirts these days? on the left is an advertisement that has appeared on numerous conservative blogs and sites, including a site i just visited, humaneventsonline. on the right, we see ms. fleiss getting her day in court before she was whisked off to the joint for running a prostitution ring in hollywood.

apologies to everyone who’s expecting more out of us than our latest postings have provided. sometimes we just get busy, and can’t be troubled with serious stuff.

at least that is the case with me. doug will have to provide his own excuses.

**for a look back in time at a truly unfortunate case of mistaken identity, see this post from almost three years ago: cheney got seinfeld vote**

One Response to “strange bedfellows (no pun intended)”

  1. Phil

    Heidi Fleiss is starting an all-male brothel in Nevada… not sure if her T-shirt modeling career got her the money she needed for that or not.