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May 29th 2008

Bruce Bowen, Manu Ginobili, and Rip Hamilton, Keep Your Checkbooks Handy!

9 Responses to “Bruce Bowen, Manu Ginobili, and Rip Hamilton, Keep Your Checkbooks Handy!”

  1. doug

    Bowen? Hamilton? Hmmm… Are you still in the tank for the Celtics and whoever is playing the Spurs? 😉

    When I think of floppers, I generally think of Divac, Varejao, Ginobili, etc… In other words, players who come from the South American and/or European leagues.

    However, it is becoming alarmingly more common among American players. Chris Paul had a quite a few flops in the Hornets’ series with the Spurs, although in his defense (and Ginobili’s) he plays a very aggressive style, getting fouled quite a bit with no foul being called. So, flopping is a way to get to the line more I suppose, however underhanded.

    Which brings me to the article. I thought it was interesting that Rasheed Wallace referred to the nonsense calls in game 5: “That [expletive] ain’t basketball out there. It’s all [expletive] entertainment.”

    The thing is (as Mitch would say): I find flopping and other foul-eliciting techniques exceptionally un-entertaining and rather boring. I imagine most fans have a similar opinion.

    Thus, this new policy is good news. We can only hope that this “crackdown” leads to less dubious charges and fewer fouls that should be no-calls.

  2. doug

    And while I’m on the topic of NBA refereeing…

    One of the things that has driven me crazy during the playoffs is the way refs are calling charges.

    There has been a tendency to call more and more college style charges around the hoop where the defensive player barely gets there in time or doesn’t even get set, but in either case it is obviously not the offensive player causing the contact (or the offensive player even tries to avoid the defender).

    And yet, at the same time, the refs have not been calling charges where the offensive player is clearly the one initiating all the contact, especially among the guards on the perimeter or driving at the top of the key.

  3. Al

    Now I think Rasheed’s comment could pass for entertainment! Wow! Use your words! And that is a great source to go to when soliciting a response on what the league is doing concerning fines and the like.
    So I too agree this is a good move. Next we need to fine for using [expletive] expletives!

  4. doug

    My thoughts exactly regarding flopping:

    It’s a disgusting practice, and it has had the same affect on the game as the European introduction of smallpox to Native Americans. Sure, flopping existing before the Euros came over, but it reached new heights under the teachings of Professor Vlade Divac and his bizarrely bearded disciples.

  5. bnice

    i think we can find a way to blame everything on eastern europe and south america, don’t you?

  6. Soccer is hilarious in slow motion.

  7. mike

    It’s too bad that the NBA has no power to levy fines against the Italian soccer team. bnice was right on the money–these European b-ballers grew up watching European, Brazilian and Argentine soccer players flopping around like they got tazed (side comment: Don’t taze me Bro!) and thought it was a beautifaul game. So naturally, they thought they could infuse the same “excitement” into a real sport.

    I doubt rugby players put up with such nonsense and/or foolishness.

  8. N Chung

    Soccer is hilarious in slow motion.

    Post a video.

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