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Jul 29th 2004

bush’s usa patriot act is not hitler’s enabling act, idiot

the other day we got the following comment:

How can you actually support Bush? Ever heard of something called the Enabling Act? It’s Hitler’s Patriot Act. Bush is doing the same thing, using terrorism as an excuse to whittle away at your freedom. If you don’t believe me, go read the Patriot Act. Go look up all the amendmants. Hitler, before WWII, and before the Holocaust, did the same things as Bush. Bush is dangerous. [link]

since i hadn’t heard about it before, i decided to honestly and sincerely consider it. here’s my response:
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the enabling act and the circumstances surrounding hitler’s rise to dictatorial power are so far from september 11th and the bush adminstration’s response that your mention of it would almost be funny–that is, if you and your radical leftist comrades hadn’t been comparing bush to hitler practically ad nauseum for the last three years. but now it’s just tired and inadequate, like john kerry’s resume for president.

the enabling act and the fire decree (two related german legislative actions) were passed soon after nazis set fire to the parlaiment building and blamed it on the commmunists. though many–notably new jersey’s poet laureate (who happens to be muslim)–have said our sept. 11th attack was carried out by jewish “zionists” to cast the blame on innocent, peaceful muslims, or that “bush knew!” these claims are completely illogical and unfounded. plus, osama said he did it.


the enabling act gave the chancellor, hitler, power to rule by decree and drastically changed germany’s very constitution. in contrast, the usa patriot act’s most disputed points are 1) one’s communications or property can be monitored or searched without prior notification, 2) that though the act was meant to apply only to terrorists, it has also been used to bring down other crooks:

In one case, money-laundering provisions of the Patriot Act were used to prosecute a man who was defrauding personal injury victims of their settlements, even though the money was not being diverted to any terrorist organization. The Patriot Act also has been used to go after child pr0nographers, a student who threatened to shoot up his high school and a man who kidnapped and raped his own wife. (editor’s note: this is bad?) :::[source]:::

and 3) that the powers granted by the act have been abused by federal agents (a single, spurious charge by a store clerk who claims a federal agent who received poor service then brought him under investigation using the powers of the act).

point #1 is may be a violation of civil liberties, but consider the alternative: bloodthirsty islamic terrorists kill you and your family.

point #2 is perhaps alarming, but is it that bad that more bona-fide criminals are being brought to justice? they aren’t going after political opponents and minorities with the usa patriot act, as hitler was doing with his enabling act. they’re protecting all american citizens and enforcing the law.

point #3 would be terrible if it were true. i hope not. but cops can do anything they want. they have authority, power, guns, and nightsticks. that’s why i’m always on my best behavior when i am (frequently) pulled over for speeding. the patriot act didn’t bring about abuse of power. power itself always has.

and here’s the clincher: the usa patriot act has not established george w bush as our dictator. he does not rule by decree, no matter what you think. that’s why we’re going ahead with the election in november and the laughable edwards-heinz ticket is even being given a spot on the ballot.

the patriot act has helped the US nab 300 individuals since it was passed–criminals mostly related to terrorism. while the patriot act does walk a fine line in law enforcement, it hasn’t bothered me or other law-abiding citizens one bit. i say keep it as it is until every last islamo-facist is lying 6 feet under, wrapped in bacon. but as long as you’re comparing bush to former world leaders, why not compare him to abraham lincoln, who did some pretty bold things to preserve a divided country (“he proclaimed a blockade, suspended the writ of habeas corpus for anti-Union activity, spent money without congressional authorization, and controlled the war effort.”) [source] and he preserved our sacred union using these methods. likewise,

The government’s success in preventing another catastrophic attack on the American homeland since September 11, 2001, would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, without the USA Patriot Act. The authorities Congress provided have substantially enhanced our ability to prevent, investigate, and prosecute acts of terror. [source]

what long-held american freedoms is the usa patriot act “whittling away” at, exactly? the freedom to peddle child pr0n? the freedom to defraud one’s business associates? unless you are a criminal, you have no need to fear the patriot act.

2 Responses to “bush’s usa patriot act is not hitler’s enabling act, idiot”

  1. Travis, excellent post.

    One should also point out a couple of other items:

    A federal judge has to approve surveillance before it can be undertaken. The prosecutors/law enforcers must prove flight risk, risk of destruction of evidence, compelling interest and the like, before the surveillance can take place;

    The surveilled must be told of the surveillance;

    Library records – which still have not been reviewed under the Patriot Act – were instrumental in building the case against domestic terrorist The Unabomber;

    No less than Dianne Feinstein has defended attacks against the Patriot’s Act as trampling civil liberties as specious;

    The Patriot Act extends to counterterrorism what already exists in Drug and RICO cases. No one has been squawking that the drug runners and crime bosses have had their civil liberties demolished.

  2. john fowles

    I posted this on the original thread after I had followed the link, but that was so old that noone will see it, and what’s the point of posting on a blog if noone sees it. I really want Anti-Bush to see this, so I am posting it again here:

    Anti-Bush is smoking crack. Bush-Hitler comments are more at home in Europe, where people find it more convenient to engage in America hate rather than examine their own racist and narrow societies.

    Bush has done the opposite of Hitler in so many ways. For one thing, he is a friend of Israel, and as such gets negative press in anti-Semitic France and Russia, and in every “Arab” or Muslim nation in the world. Also, as Admin pointed out, Bush did not become a dictator through the Patriot Act.

    I personally would prefer that we didn’t have the Patriot Act. But finding a parallel between Bush and Hitler is too radical to take seriously. If you take Michael Moore’s fiction as fact, then you have bigger problems than just thinking that Bush is Hitler.

    My guess is that you, Anti-Bush, don’t like Bush because he is religious, and you need something rational to throw at him since you know bigotry doesn’t go over so well in the more decent circles. But the problem is that you have jumped on an irrational bandwagon in your search for rationality.