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Dec 21st 2005

calgary flames 1987 music video “red hot”

this video is unbelievable. i’m not sure who is to blame, the 80s or canada. in any case, it should be enough to keep every one of the participants out of the hall of fame until they explain themselves. hat tip: offwing opinion

3 Responses to “calgary flames 1987 music video “red hot””

  1. Unreal.

  2. doug

    i’m not sure who is to blame…

    I blame hockey. 🙂

  3. hey, if this was some wayback video featuring NFL or NBA players, it would probably have footage of a rape party or coke snorting binge. the hockey players here are guilty of being weird, but family-friendly. i mean, if you add in some scriptural references, this is practically “saturday’s warrior” on ice.

    and i know i set myself up for your comment, doug, but i guess i just thought you were above it…especially around the holidays.

    /remove tongue from cheek