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Jul 28th 2004

chalabi/iran theory

miguel lopez, all-encompassingly’s senior military correspondent, has an interesting take on chalabi’s role in iraq, and his ties to iran:

Ahmed Chalabi is important because he helped Iran by removing Iran’s first obstacle on its road to Middle East power, Iraq. Remember that Iraq has always been the counter-balance to Iran, physically and politically. Therefore, Iran had to remove Iraq as a threat in order to put its plan in motion and Ahmed Chalabi was the guy. I believe that Iran used Chalabi to influence the US in doing its dirty work for them by removing Saddam Hussein. Iran knew that the US wanted to remove Saddam Hussein, so they fed manipulating information to the US in order to heighten Iraq’s threat to the US.

miguel’s well thought-out post is written from a unique perspective. read the whole thing here: Iran: making its move

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