we still remember mitch hedberg

A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer.

Dec 24th 2003


certus veritas gives us the “four stages of santa claus:”

Stage 1: You believe in Santa Claus.
Stage 2: You have questions about Santa Claus.
Stage 3: You are Santa Claus.
Stage 4: You look like Santa Claus.

heh. merry christmas, everybody. i’m declaring a temporary truce with all political rivals ’til…oh say, friday so they can enjoy the spirit of the season without having to worry about how they’re wrong.

remember, christmas may seem like a silly traditional cultural thing, especially when every washed-up recording artist is re-doing an already redone song that lauds the virtues of one-horse open sleighs, roasted chestnuts, wassailing, and a bunch of other crap nobody really does anymore.

people will celebrate christmas however they want, but that doesn’t diminish it at all, in my mind. christ’s life and his sacrifice are the most selfless, most exigent gifts ever given in the history of this world. he has miraculously thrown open a door that we could never have entered otherwise.

[some prophecy]
[some more]
[the first christmas]

so, hallelluja. let us remember to be grateful for the greatest gift.

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