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Feb 20th 2006

Consumption Rules (A New Blog)

A friend of mine just started a blog.

Consumption Rules.

Just like the title suggests, it will cover economics, consumer, and business issues, as well as politics and current events.

Check it out.

5 Responses to “Consumption Rules (A New Blog)”

  1. M.McD

    I like it. The few entries thus far address interesting topics and the discussions, although not terribly academic, are very fundamental in terms of economic principles and by no means speaks over your head. If you’re a largely ignorant, wannabe economist (no offense meant to the blog) who won’t admit they don’t actually know as much as they think they do, it’s fun to read.

  2. Mason

    M. McD, according to , your comment is an “I’m not saying this” slight-of-mind fallacy.

  3. M.McD

    He’s right folks and thanks for the correction. I might hasten to add that my comment was also a “slip of the brain” fallacy (don’t try and look for that one guys, I just made it up). I should also have mentioned that I, myself, am a “largely ignorant, wannabe economist who won’t admit they don’t actually know as much as they think they do.” And yet that still isn’t the point, is it Mr. Mason? Better put, consumptionrules approaches economics and it’s worldly applications in more fundamental (could I even say intuitive?) terms that won’t exclude readers whose knowledge of economics is still growing. The premises of the author’s discussions and arguments are easily accessible to any reader. I often find myself lost when reading the Wall Street Journal, yet, this blog handles the subject matter very well. Thanks, Doug, for linking to this new site!

  4. Al

    What? You mean there are people who actually want to be economists? As for myself, I know I am not an economist, don’t think I would like to be one, and definitely know a lot less than I think I do…

  5. Ha! Well I definitely think of myself as a wannabe economist, and don’t know as much as I think I do. The point of the blog is that people from all angles will check the claims/facts of others to keep us all in check and make sure that the most accurate information is being presented on each issue. Anyone can register and submit content.