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Jun 13th 2006

Dangerous “Profession”

We blogged about the Duke lacrosse rape case earlier this year, but now there is even more evidence that taking your clothes off for money is not a good idea.

Witnesses to the death of male stripper have conflicting stories about who stabbed the dancer outside of a bachelorette party, authorities said.

Edward Pedrosa, 24, died shortly after a fight broke out during a bachelorette party Saturday.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Department reported that friends of an angry groom – who was having his bachelor party on the same night – showed up to the party and one of those men stabbed Pedrosa.


6 Responses to “Dangerous “Profession””

  1. cristall

    nicholas nobella is now serving 4 years in prison with no bail.
    but 4 years is just not long enough.
    for what he has done to my cousin.
    4 years that will not bring him back.

  2. Erin

    Mr. Nobella serving four years, sadly will not bring back your cousin. I am terribly sorry for your loss. But Nicholas is serving his time and dealing with his faults every single day of his life. It is hard to deal with the loss of a close cousin, But in our day, We must learn to forgive.
    It is now up to God to decied what to do with Nicholas. Please dont spend your whole life hating someone. It wont bring joy to your life!
    For if you forgive others their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you, but if you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

    —Matthew 6:14-15

  3. Melisa

    Is there ever really closer? Two years later and I still have nightmares of that night. My dream is Edward walking towards me holding his stab wound, asking for help while two men, one in a white shirt and one in a black shirt coming up from behind him attacking him. Then it goes to telling Edward to just hold on while he lies in the front of the drive way. Both men still trying to get at him yelling in his face he deserves to die because their friends are bleeding to death in the house. I just can’t get over what happened that night. I guess that’s because I was one of the few sober people there and I can remember everything. Here’s my story of what happened that night.

    The bride is my best friend. She is an amazing person. She’s very outgoing, she has always been there for me and she would never hurt anyone. I actually missed the first part of her bachelorette party because I had to work. When I got off my friend and I got ready and headed over to the house where the party was at. All of the girls had been out partying and having a good time. Edward was supposed to be there by the time I got there but he was running late. After I arrived he showed up about 20-30 minutes later. I was sitting on the couch watching Edward dance for the bride. All of a sudden he got up went over to his clothes wiped his face off and the left the room. We all thought he just went to the bathroom or kitchen to get something to drink. After a few minutes a girl walked into the house and said the guy who owns the house is here and we need to go. A few seconds later Brandon walked through the door, hit the wall and walked into the back of the house. My friend that I went to the party with and I got up to leave. When I walked outside everybody was fighting to my left. My-self and a few other girls were trying to break up the fight and pull people off of Edward. I dialed 911 but didn’t know the address so I handed the phone to the bride’s step-mother. One of the girls grabbed the water hose and tried to stop the fight by spraying water on them. Then I heard a girl voice yell, “knife”! I started backing up away from the fight towards the drive way as everybody started to get up. That’s when Edward was started walking towards me holding his stab wound asking for help. I told him I called 911 and they’re on their way. Two guys, one in a white shirt and one in a black shirt came up from behind him and continued hitting and kicking him. That’s when I blacked out. I some how ended up on the other side of an SUV as I watch some of my friends get into a car that was parked in the driveway and leave. I looked to my right where Edward laid. Edward’s step-father came up to me hysterically crying asking me why they did this to his son. He told me about Edward’s newborn baby boy. He just kept repeating this to me and I didn’t know what to say. I walked over to Edward where a couple ladies where trying to put pressure on his wound. I begged him to hold on. One of the ladies asked for water, so I ran over to the house were I saw my best friend, the bride by the front door crying about her sister who laid in the door way bleeding to death. I tried to calm her down as much as I could. Her sister’s mother and he sister’s husband sat there with her trying to put pressure on her wound. I couldn’t climb over everyone to get the water, so I ran to the neighbor to the left house and knock on the door. Nobody answered, so I ran across the street to the lady on the corner. She was standing on her lawn watching. I asked for some water and she said no that we deserved this and that this was our entire fault. I yelled out her that we were just trying to celebrate my best friends wedding and nobody deserved this! I was running back towards Edward when I saw both of the guys get in his face and tell him he deserve to die because their best friend was bleeding to death and it was all his fault. The ladies yelled at them to go away. I then saw Edward lift his head up off the ground. One of the ladies told him he needs to stay still. That’s when his head just fell back and hit the ground. I knew then…I just knew he was gone. The fire department, police and the ambulance FINALLY arrived. The police made all of us stand to the side while they tried to help stabilize everyone that was injured. They then took the injured to the hospital in the ambulance. The police taped off the area and started taking all of our statements. After Edward’s step father gave his statement I over heard him asking the police if he could leave with someone who came to pick him up to take him to the hospital. A police officer escorted him to the vehicle. My friend that I attended the party with and I sat on the drive way while we waited to give our statements. There were a few other ladies including the house owner’s girl friend who sat with us. You could tell the girlfriend was worried about he boyfriend who also was stabbed. She kept getting up walking around the drive way bare foot when an officer told her she needs to sit down or put on shoes so I let her barrow my sandals. After giving our statements at the location the sheriffs released us so we can go to the sheriffs department where we all got integrated. I felt so bad because I had only met these guys once or twice before this event so I didn’t know who was who. I only knew what people were wearing. It was so early the next morning before we got released. The groom kept calling one of the bridesmaids phone wondering what had happened, where his bride was, and was she okay. We then found out that he didn’t understand what happened because he had been drinking at his bachelor party but he knew it was bad, so he left the house where the party was at sometime early the next morning. The bridesmaids, my boy-friend, and my friend who I went to the party with, all drove around the area looking for him. Two of the girls in the other car found him walking down the railroad tracks by Coffee. We took him to the hospital where the bride was at.

    The original plan was to party that Friday night and then girls from the bridal party would go to a house at the beach for a relaxing weekend with our best friend. Obviously that didn’t happen. The next morning we all agreed we needed to get out of town for the night and spend time with one another and to just get away. We didn’t want to talk to anyone else that wasn’t there because they didn’t know what we felt. We were all in shock. I never would have thought this would happen to my best friends and my-self. We don’t fight with people; we don’t interact with people who go out looking for trouble. So how did this happen? There were a lot of people at both parties, people I didn’t even know, so I don’t know. I’m glad we did leave that night because reporters went to a lot of our homes wanting to interview us and everything we read in the paper or saw on the news was pretty close to a lie in the beginning.

    That night felt so surreal. I still can’t believe that it happened. I hate to admit this but I am still so angry about it! I don’t know who threw the first punch or who’s knife it was and I definitely don’t know if it was self-defense or not, but what I do know is they shouldn’t have been there and this shouldn’t have happened. I don’t care if it was their house and they just wanted to go to bed. They knew a dancer would be there and they should have made other arrangements. I understand it was their house but it was a bachelorette party and if you wanted to come home in the middle of it, you shouldn’t have said it was okay to have it at your house. None of the girls went to the bachelor’s party which was held at one of the bridesmaid’s house. This is what I think. I think that most of the guys who came to the house really did not come to start a fight. But I do know that many people from the bachelor’s party heard the owner of house making comments as he was leaving with his friends. I won’t write them since I didn’t hear them my-self.

    Shortly after it happened I found out I was pregnant. I tried to move forward so I pushed everything I saw in the back of my head. I now had a baby to think about. Unfortunately that was hard with a second interview with the sheriffs dept. and Nick’s detectives showing up randomly at my house and my work on more than one occasion trying to interview me. In fact one night I served two guys at the restaurant I worked at. Before he left he informed me he was Nick’s private investigator and he needed to talk to me about what happened. I declined; I really just wanted to forget everything. Awhile later he confronted my manager to talk to me and she told me that she sent him away. Look, I know it was his job so I really can’t be mad. But, I was trying to move on. I couldn’t handle thinking or talking about what happened with out getting upset and mad.

    So where do all of the witnesses, the families, Edwards fiancé and her baby boy go from here? I know some people have move on and really that’s all you can do, but I’m having a hard time doing that. I have nightmares on almost a weekly basis about it. What could I have done to have changed what happened? Why was I in the middle of a huge brawl? Any of the girls or my-self could have been stabbed easily. What could I do now to help his fiancé and son? I really just don’t know what I can do to get these images out of my head. In fact I woke up from a nightmare about it tonight and I just couldn’t fall back asleep, so I got on the internet and found this website with the blogs.

    Here’s one thing I’ve wanted to tell his fiancé. I know Edward loved you and your son more than anything. A few months earlier one of my other friends was getting married and we had her bachelorette party and my apartment. I’m not sure how it was brought up but when we were on the phone he informed me his girlfriend was pregnant and due pretty soon. You could tell he was so excited about by the sound of his voice. At the actual party he talked a lot about you and your baby. I could just tell he was a genuine guy. He face would light up talking about the two of you. When he showed up at that night at my other friends bachelorette party we all made jokes about how we were all getting married and he’s going to have to dance at all of our bachelorette parties. I remember saying “it’s a tradition now”. I am very sorry this happened to you and your family. My son is now 15 months old and I don’t know how I would handle if my son lost his father unfairly. I wish this never happened to you and your son! I wish I could have been some kind of help in the situation. I pray every night that good things will come you way and I mean this with all my heart that if there’s anything I could do to help, I will.

    To who ever reads this; thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this incredibly long story. I hope you don’t get angry or judge me for what was said. I was very sober that night and I will admit some things that happened are a little blurred because this happened two years ago, but this is what I remember and this is what haunts me daily. I hope and pray I can move on someday and maybe this blog will help. Thank you for your time.

  4. closefriend

    I was also there and I think we have very different views on what happen. I do agree with the fact that this should have never happened. I do know Nic, in fact very well. I know that my mother, who was 100% sober took the guy who lived at the house to bed and actually closed the door.He went to bed. She said he went straight to his room (He didnt bang on any wall by the way). He was just drunk and wanted to go to sleep. None of the guys came inside the house. Except for one who pulled his wife through the back door and that was the end of that. Martin Pedrosa was the one who went outside and approached the men. He started the argument while my friends were walking AWAY down the street to the brides sisters house. Thats when I went out there. What the hell was he doing going outside confronting 3 grown men? And for what? Walking in the oppisite direction? I have heard Nics account on what happen that night and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Nic feared for his life. Yes, Edward was wearing little stripper shorts, but he had his boots on where I am convinced he kept a knife. Nic also had cut wounds on his cheek and his hand. I support Nic 110% and always will. The truth is Martin Pedrosa is lying to himself and everyone else. In fact you should have heard him in court. He sounded pathetic covering up all his little lies. Really bad lier. But just my opinion. Even if he never does time for stabbing Brandon he has to live with the fact that he got his own son killed. He lied about having a knife and he lied about Edward having a knife. Nic took 4 years for a reason you know. because the d.a. knew this was a bs case. I have no faith in our justice system. The minimum for what Nic was charged with is 7years. So uhhh why did the d.a. offer him 4 yrs? ask yourself that. I cant describe in words how fortunate I am to still have Nic after that night. It could have so easily went the other way. And then how much of saints would Edward and Martin be. I support Nic untill the end.

  5. another close friend

    I have recently read so much about this subject and finally know that “close friend” you have got it right in so few words. Thank you for revealing what so many do not know.

  6. closefriend

    thank you another close friend there is soooo much more than what I mentioned. We probably know each other. Thanks for the support.