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Jan 24th 2004

dean compares himself to junta

howard dean, the red-faced, shouting candidate for the american presidency, has committed another faux pas (#4982, if you’re keeping score at home) in his floundering campaign to “take back the white house–yeeeeaaaarrrrgh!”.

in an effort to wash clean the minds of americans who saw him dancing around like macho man randy savage on an iowa stage after he dropped from 1st to a distant 3rd in the final voting there, he and his wife were interviewed by diane sawyer on prime time live. [source]

there, he admitted being a “hockey dad”. the problem is, hockey dad’s don’t have the great reputation that, say, gay men have when it comes to being peaceful, passive, and well-dressed.

remember thomas junta? the hockey dad who beat another man to death over his kid’s hockey game? do we really want “another hockey dad” in the white house? and, more importantly, is “hockey dad” really a step down for howard dean?


which one is the presidential candidate hockey dad? which is the hockey dad in jail? is there any difference, besides one being a metrosexual?

3 Responses to “dean compares himself to junta”

  1. Metrosexual? Why, because he rolls up his sleeves? He dresses just like all the other stuffed-shirt politicians. He just goes for the “look how casual I am” look. It’s the same type of pathetic attempt at the “laid-back but serious guy-next-door but ready to control a nuclear arsenal” look that Bush duped everybody with in 2000.

  2. In October, Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean labeled himself a metrosexual, then admitted he really didn’t know what it meant. [source]

    dan, howard does the labeling/misspeaking/blundering himself. the rest of america is just trying to humor him.

  3. Al

    ohhh! ¡Toma!