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Oct 26th 2006

Deer: Domesticated and Fun!

Eating your garden and landscaping is soooo last year for these friendly animals.

Before a recent middle school cross-country race in Oregon, runner Kevin Cox found himself facing unexpected competition: a deer.

In a series of photos, Cox is shown running with the overly friendly animal, which at one point caught him and began treating him as a human salt lick.

Make sure to click on “View Gallery” in the article to see the entire episode.

4 Responses to “Deer: Domesticated and Fun!”

  1. That was truly one of the most bizarre series of photos I have ever seen. Their captions, I think, are really what made it bizarre. “The chase begins.” Unbelievable. Is this aimed at hunting season? I don’t know what that season is, but I think it’s around now. I have never hunted. Actually, I have never done anything manly.

  2. anon

    Pic #6 looks like the deer is attempting to mount the kid. And by the way, male deer often lick the female when mating.

  3. Was that a sex ed field trip?

  4. doug

    I believe that it is a doe.