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Dec 14th 2003

Democratic hand-wringing over Saddam capture

If you ever want to entertain yourself for a few minutes, hop on over to your neighborhood leftist forum and peruse what those “on the other side of the spectrum” are saying.

Democratic blogs, forums, and message boards have been overloading servers across the internet today with collective sadness at the news of Saddam’s capture. Here a couple messages that caught my eye:

1st Message – from “Ikojo” (who ever-so-cleverly treats “Bush” as an expletive)
subject: I had a horrible feeling in my stomach this morning when I saw

that Hussein had been capatured.

This is a BIG boost for *. This will be used in campaign literature. It will make Dems and others who opposed the war look bad as well. I don’t regret opposing shrub’s war of aggression on Iraq but it sure will be hard for the candidates now, unless they press the Where’s Osama issue but since a majority of Americans already believe that Hussein was behind 9/11/01 it hardly matters.

All of a sudden I am not confident he will lose in 2004.

Please boost my confidence in shrub’s defeat in November 2004.

Look what he has going for him right now:
Dow over 10,000
Hussein captured
The pug CONvention is going to be in NYC around the time of the 9/11 anniversary
A complacent and compliant right-wing corporate controlled media all too willing to act as an arm of the pentagon and white house press room.
His administration did what his daddy did not, supposedly captured Hussein.

The conspiracy theorist in me says that if this is REALLY Hussein then why didn’t * and his media minions not wait until Monday to announce his capture?

Needing encouragement that * can be defeated. Now the stuff about Halliburton overcharging the government will be placed on the back burner as the corporate media celebrates the capture of Hussein.

Not feeling hopeful right now. I have a lot of fear of what he could do if given a second term.

In hopes of helping “Ikojo” feel better, “pistoff democrat” posted the following:
subject: Okay, first of all, stop and breathe…that’s good!

Clark has come out right away and thanked the military men w/o mention of Bush – great move.

Bush will give a press conference, but you know he can’t talk plus he will be asked to explain why his strategery on capturing Osama hasn’t worked.

Dow over 10,000 – great for the repigs; jobless recovery for the people

We can use the daddy thing against him – again; and, hey, can’t we please throw in the Bush/Nazi connections in this time…just to keep the fact that 80% of Jews vote dem intact in 2004?

Also, I suggest you hang on for more of a bumpy ride…he’ll have more successes before the election; but none will be for the people. We need to hammer ‘US out; UN in now, more than ever’ – that will infuriate him.

And, I am sorry to say, but there will be more unemployed people by November as well. I am registering and driving people from homeless shelters to register and then to vote (or mail the damn absentee).

Antidote to fear: ACTION!

Take a moment and think about what you’ve just read.

Essentially, this is the current state of the Democratic Party: Hope for defeat, sadly accept victory, and make sure to bus the bumbs to the polls.

One Response to “Democratic hand-wringing over Saddam capture”

  1. travis

    doug, my sentiments exactly.

    who in their right mind could be upset at the news of this evil dictator’s capture? who ARE these people?