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Feb 24th 2010

Democrats Go Crazy in 2005

Comedy gold as Democrats complain about Republicans possibly not letting the Dems filibuster while in the minority.

As Feinstein points out, they were filibustering judicial nominations…appellate judges! Judges! And yet they want to ram through health care reform with 51 votes. Heh.

4 Responses to “Democrats Go Crazy in 2005”

  1. Steve

    This ought to be required viewing of every voter before allowing them into the voting booth.

  2. N Chung

    So pubs are accusing dems of hypocrisy and vice versa. Is anything new?

  3. doug

    I think the point is that the Dems were saying it was wrong to have a simple majority vote on appellate judges, but now its just fine on something as huge as health care reform. (Some) Republicans were arguing the opposite, which at least makes a wee bit more sense. Right?

    It’s as if the Democrats are arguing: “Creating the Department of Homeland Security could have been done through reconciliation, but appointing the Assistant Secretary for Airport Screening? You’re gonna need 60 votes for that!”

  4. N Chung

    So you’re saying the degree of hypocrisy is greater on the Dem side? This happens so much with both parties I lost track.