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Apr 24th 2006

Dilbert Channels Seinfeld

Today’s Dilbert channels Seinfeld regarding car rentals.

2 Responses to “Dilbert Channels Seinfeld”

  1. briant

    Headline should read; “Some actually still read Dilbert”

    doug, you have better things to do with your time (why dont you chime in on the immigration debate?).

  2. […] –Briant, Apr 2006 [link] your line-in-stand bit of rhetoric seems kind of weak….can’t you do better….[your] cheap shot….reflects negatively on the rest of your opinions. Such lazy thought doesn’t deserve to be posted [here]….[your stance is] shortsighted and….downright retarded….I can’t tell if you’re simply exaggerating to be funny or if you’re really that asinine….I am sincerely disillusioned. I said I enjoyed your blog; in fact, I have recommended it to several others. But maybe I should reconsider. […]