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Jan 27th 2004

dr frank on the democratic primaries

on primaries that include sharpton:

I have to admit I find the whole thing far more enjoyable with wackos included. Tired of candidates who actually know what the Federal Reserve is, or at least can fake it? Sharpton to the rescue.

(referring to the following exchange)

JENNINGS: Reverend Sharpton, I’d like to ask you a question about domestic policy, if you don’t mind.

If during your term as President, if you become the nominee, and you have the opportunity to nominate someone to be chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, what kind of person would you consider for the job? You can name someone in particular, if you have someone in mind.

And maybe just take a minute or so to give us a little bit about your views on monetary policy.

sharpton, explaining why his stupidity makes him feel bloated

SHARPTON: I think, first of all, we must have a person at the Monetary Fund that is concerned about growth of all, not setting standards that would, in my judgment, protect some and not elevate those that cannot, in my view, expand and come to the levels of development and the levels of where we need to be.

I think part of my problem with how we’re operating at this point is that the IMF and the policies that are emanating there do not lead to the expansion that is necessary for our country and our global village to rise to levels that underdeveloped countries and those businesses in this country can have the development policies necessary.

JENNINGS: Forgive me, Reverend Sharpton, but the question was actually about the Federal Reserve Board.

SHARPTON: I thought you said IMF, I’m sorry.

JENNINGS: No, I’m sorry, sir. And what you’d be looking for in a chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

SHARPTON: Oh, in the Federal Reserve Board, I would be looking for someone that would set standards in this country, in terms of our banking, our — in how government regulates the Federal Reserve as we see it under Greenspan, that we would not be protecting the big businesses; we would not be protecting banking interests in a way that would not, in my judgment, lead toward mass employment, mass development and mass production.

I think that — would I replace Greenspan, probably. Do I have a name? No.

HUME: Thank you, Reverend Sharpton. Thanks very much. [source]

kucinich, donning the foil hat he says 'keeps my ideas safe from the martians'

holy hell. how did he get this far?

dr frank continues then, giving his opinion of kucinich at a televised debate:

I swear that when the camera turns to him, the frame begins to tilt slightly to one side. I am mesmerized by his otherwordliness. Then I walk outside and see all the Kucinich signs in windows and lawns with the Kucinich-mobiles parked alongside them; I realize that if my North Oakland neighborhood were in charge, we wouldn’t even have to bother holding an election; Kucinich would be Our Dear Leader by near-unanimous acclamation. And part of me finds that morbidly thrilling.

you know–come to think of it–me too. read the rest if you please [here].

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  1. Doug

    I think we should have a caption contest for the Sharpton photo.

  2. hover your mouse cursor over the sharpton and kucinich pics. you may find you enjoy the captions.

  3. thats funny as hell. you do know that “Grandfather Twilight” endorsed Kuko don’t you?

  4. Great post, Travis. Hope all is well.