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Nov 21st 2003

Dukakis in the news….no, not Olympia

Democrats have no shame.

While speaking to a group of college students in New Hampshire this week, convict coddler and former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Dukakis had the following witty comment to offer about the Bush presidency:

“This is the worst national administration I’ve ever lived under, bar none. I want this guy out of there.”

I suspect he included the qualifier “national” to exempt his governorship of Massachusetts.

While governor, Dukakis supported a furlough program for convicted murderers (i.e. not eligible for parole? no problem! Gov. Dukakis will let you out for a weekend of fun to romp about the countryside terrorizing your fellow citizens). If you haven’t read about the less than desirable side-effects that were felt by two citizens of my home state, read here.

This makes me wonder what Dukakis’ policies would be, were he at the helm of the “national administration.” In the name of rehabilitation would he support weekend furloughs to flight schools for Guantanamo detainees? Or perhaps pre-emptive pardons for Osama and Saddam?

7 Responses to “Dukakis in the news….no, not Olympia”

  1. Whenever I think of that jackass Dukakis I keep seeing him driving around in that tank with his little army helmet on…

  2. Here is the infamous tank photo:

    Click here

  3. I used to date a Dukakis Fan (She was Greek, so I understood why) but I used to cut out articles on George Bush, Sr. and put them on the fridge. So every day she would come home from work and find a new picture of George Sr. staring at her. Needless to say, she married someone else.

    Dukakis is a jerk. He is simply still smarting from getting his ass kicked in 1988.

  4. Why is this jello-brain mouthing off now? He’s been out of sight for fifteen years. Last I heard was he got a job at the U of Hawaii as a teacher. Of what, I haven’t a clue. Maybe he’s prompting homosexuals on how to change the law so that transgendered people can marry goats.

    It’s interesting that Massachusetts is so liberal, it doesn’t make a difference whether Dukakis is there or not. Must be something in the water. I think it flows down from Vermont and New Hampshire where you can marry your homosexual buddy and then get elected as a bishop in the Episcopal Church. Some have even suggested that liberalism causes the century of bad mojo for the Red Sox, not the curse of the Bambino.

  5. In 1988 my school, Hiawatha Elementary, held a mock election. We had voting booths and for weeks we learned about the electoral process and the importance of voting. As I recall, in the final count Dukakis received something like 32 votes (Bush received over 500). The reason: A rumor had circulated around school that Dukakis was a supporter of year round school. It was unfathomable to us that such a monster could even be allowed to run for President.

    To this day I have met only one Hiawatha alum who admits to voting for Dukakis. She claims it was a mistake.

  6. rich

    You da man Doug!!! Nice piece!

  7. Grace

    Remember now, New Hampshire’s state motto is “Live Free or Die”! They used to be a good conservative state…the liberalism has flowed UP from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, as all of the overly taxed and overly mandatoried Mass-ites moved up to NH to escape that regime. Of course, they were too clueless to understand what they were running from, and are now doing their best to turn NH into another Mass.