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Jun 19th 2003

earth to pollsters

Shakespeare could have aptly entitled the recent barage of news articles regarding international polls “much ado about nothing.” For example, back in February CBS reported the following:

(CBS) Consider this: an opinion poll, taken a few days ago, asked people in Britain: who is the greatest threat to world peace: George W. Bush or Saddam Hussein? 45 percent said Saddam Hussein. No surprise there. But, get this, another 45 percent said George W. Bush.

And this is news? Hello! Earth to pollsters! The people polled are not being serious! Anyone in the civilized world (i.e. the Americas and any country west and north of Turkey) knew then, as has been confirmed since, that Saddam Hussein was a much bigger threat to peace. Why do poll numbers like this even get play in the press?

The numbers, if anything, reflect a healthy dislike in Britain for President Bush. Whoa! Our President looks out for U.S. interests and the world doesn’t like him. And it’s not just in Britain, around the world many people dislike Bush. They view him as a strong opposing force against pet projects like Kyoto and the International Criminal Court.

The domestic media, unable to produce negative poll numbers here at home for Bush, now are fixated on how the Brits, French, and Saudis feel about our leaders. Earth to pollsters! We don’t care! If other countries care so much about who our elected leader is, let them apply for statehood. Otherwise, live with the fact that out President now looks out for American interests, and not the “global goals” of reduced emissions and other gobblygook.

6 Responses to “earth to pollsters”

  1. Doug

    Another poll is a bit more disturbing…the following is from the Pew Global Attitudes Project, a polling organization.

    A polling group headed by former President Bill Clinton’s secretary of state finds that much of the world has soured on the United States and on President Bush since the Iraq war.

    Among the poll’s findings is that Osama bin Laden would be trusted by a majority of people polled in five Muslim nations to “do the right thing regarding world affairs.”

  2. irekinoj

    they should take a pole to see if people prefer doug or travis. my vote goes to doug. he’s hot.

  3. inojirek

    My vote goes to travis, he’s sexy.

  4. i’m with irekinoj. doug is way hot!

  5. irekinoj

    I guess then that 66% of the people prefer Doug, congratulations Doug! We hope that you have a long and happy life in Maryland and Argentina, we will miss you dearly from the bottom of our butts – because our butts are bigger than our hearts.

  6. briant

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