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Jul 19th 2004

Even Scarier Than “Dean Scream”

Allahpundit has some links to a series of photo-op pictures of Kerry and Edwards.

Definitely worth checking out.

3 Responses to “Even Scarier Than “Dean Scream””

  1. Al

    What in the world were they thinking? They look like a bunch of college football wanna bes. Are people really suppose to buy this? “hey, they play football, so they must be capable to lead the country.” Right. And how contrived do they look? Come on!

  2. my favorite comment on allah’s site was:

    Is that a damn airport? Who the ef plays catch around jet turbines?

    considering the pictures as a whole, it’s like the edwards-kerry ticket thinks american voters are looking for 4 years of recess.

  3. bob klahn

    Does anyone really believe there ever was a “Dean Scream”?