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Jul 27th 2005

Fidel Castro – Man of the People

Fidel Castro dealing with pesky political protests.

So you want dialogue with fidel?

Bring a big friggin’ stick. You are going to need it.

2 Responses to “Fidel Castro – Man of the People”

  1. Jerry Stewart

    Hugo is the greatest hero of the working class,just like Fidel. Fear this robber barrons you will be destoyed, socialism is alive and well. The numbers will destroy you, your greed and hunger for power are your weakness. Capitalism is coming to an end, and you can’t stop it. The will of the many will overcome the the greed of the few. Capitalists you are the scum of the earth. We are coming for you. Your time is short.Do your worst to the people, it is expected of you,it is what you have always done. You will be long remembered for your greed and violence to your fellow man. Capitalism-Greed-Selfishness, this is your world. What is your Karma for the next life?


    You wouldnt’ even own a computer or have access to one if it wasn’t for us Capitalists in America, crawl back in your hole…..