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Feb 25th 2008

Finally, honest lottery winners.

I am always amused when people who hit the jackpot claim that they won’t change thier lifestyle or that they will keep working until retirement age. (“What? Millions of dollars change how I spend money? That’s just crazy talk…”)

A Georgia couple won the multi-state lottery Mega Millions jackpot of $270 million last week. Here is what the husband said:

Bobby says his boss found it hard to believe he’d won, and was quitting: “When I told him that I did hit and I wasn’t coming back, he realized that it’s true. He asked me to give it back for a few weeks and finish what I was doing, but I told him, ‘No, thank you.’ “

I can imagine the boss saying, “Hey, stay away from the millions for a few weeks and finish your project here at work.”

And then the realistic response of Bobby Harris, “Are you crazy? I just won $270 million…I’m outta here!!!”


One Response to “Finally, honest lottery winners.”

  1. Indeed! He was more polite to his boss than most people would be. I still can’t believe they went on TV. See related post @