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Jul 19th 2003

french vocabulary adjustments

in unprecedented action–taken last week without UN approval–france’s culture ministry officially banned the use of the word “e-mail” in official government documents. instead, the word “courriel” (a hybrid of the french words, “courrier” and “electronique”) will be used.

but the ministry did not stop there. the french word, “guerre” [war] was outlawed, to be replaced by either “paix” [peace] and “peur” [afraid]. and and “doucher” [v. shower] was also altered. it is something the french never do, so the official phrase will hereby be “l’odeur reste ” [the odor remains].

in retaliatory action, the USA announced that, although it cannot afford to remove the multitude of french words from its vocabulary, it will hereby associate all french-origin words with france, and france only. these words include, “cowardice”, “surrender”, “compromise”, “capitulate”, “manure”, and “garbage,” to name a few.

thanks to david for the some choice words and the link.

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    le francias,est parfait… super!