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Oct 31st 2004

FWWJV? (for whom would jesus vote?)

i disagree with my sister on john kerry’s belief in god and the way in which he chooses to reconcile it with his political positions. i claim his nonsense stance is evidence that he doesn’t have one. she claims he’s taking the right position politically. what raised this disagreement were john kerry’s incomprehensible statements in the 3rd presidential debate:

My faith affects everything that I do, in truth. There’s a great passage of the Bible that says, “What does it mean, my brother, to say you have faith if there are no deeds? Faith without works is dead.”

And I think that everything you do in public life has to be guided by your faith, affected by your faith, but without transferring it in any official way to other people.

That’s why I fight against poverty. That’s why I fight to clean up the environment and protect this earth.

That’s why I fight for equality and justice. All of those things come out of that fundamental teaching and belief of faith.

But I know this, that President Kennedy in his inaugural address told all of us that here on Earth, God’s work must truly be our own. And that’s what we have to — I think that’s the test of public service. [transcript, p.1]


The president and I have a difference of opinion about how we live out our sense of our faith.

I talked about it earlier when I talked about the works and faith without works being dead. [transcript, p.3]

clearly, christians should not be happy that kerry is asking for their vote while refusing to advocate things about which they care deeply. one of the LDS church’s top leaders, dallin oaks, said a few years ago,

If we say we are anti-abortion in our personal life but pro-choice in public policy, we are saying that we will not use our influence to establish public policies that encourage righteous choices on matters God�s servants have defined as serious sins. I urge Latter-day Saints who have taken that position to ask themselves which other grievous sins should be decriminalized or smiled on by the law due to this theory that persons should not be hampered in their choices. Should we decriminalize or lighten the legal consequences of child abuse? of cruelty to animals? of pollution? of fraud? of fathers who choose to abandon their families for greater freedom or convenience?

Similarly, some reach the pro-choice position by saying we should not legislate morality. Those who take this position should realize that the law of crimes legislates nothing but morality. Should we repeal all laws with a moral basis so that our government will not punish any choices some persons consider immoral? Such an action would wipe out virtually all of the laws against crimes. [source]

many have noted the contradictory nature of kerry’s debate position. i found this excerpt from the get religion blog particularly appropriate. i’ve altered the original somewhat, but the point is the same:

dude 1: Kerry launches into this thing about how faith guides everything he does-
dude 2: Except his votes on abortion.
dude 1: See I don’t get that. If it’s “transferring your articles of faith” to others to ban baby-killing, how would welfare or pollution not make the cut?
dude 2: I dunno.
dude 1: If he said “faith without works is dead” and his faith is causing the government to use our taxes to do stuff that we might disagree with, isn’t that imposing his faith on us? It doesn’t make any sense.
dude 2: (Thoughtful pause) Religion is heady stuff. [via MMS]

of kerry’s 3rd-debate-remarks on religion, my sister says:

Our public life should be guided by our faith, but WITHOUT transferring it in any offical way to other people. [Kerry stated] that that is why he fights against poverty. [link]

my sister may have interpreted kerry as meaning that he, personally, fights poverty. but this interpretation is illogical inasmuch as kerry is a US senator. i believe he was referring to policies he supports through legislation. or was he missing 3/4 of senate votes over the last 18 months to work in urban soup kitchens?

latter day saints understand that we are accountable to god for what we do. in the old testament, in jeremiah, we read that the babylonians were given power to overtake the people of god because of the wickedness of the latter. the same was the case in the book of mormon between the nephites and lamanites. and the same was prophesied by the same book of mormon of the latter day inhabitants of america.

“i will punish you [or bless you] according to the fruit of your doings, saith the lord” –jeremiah 21:14

i hope the man who leads our country for the next four years understands this statement. when i hear the commander in chief pray, “god bless america”, i want to think he’s serious about it.

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  1. briant

    i think you just won my vote travis. i think i must agree that kerry’s comments on faith were only to please believing voters. elder oak’s talk is a great one. im glad you brought it to my attention. sean hannity would be proud.

  2. “when i hear the commander in chief pray, “god bless america”, i want to think he’s serious about it.”

    my sentiments, exactly.

  3. Great Post, Travis

  4. Al

    Well, I too thought this was a great post. I was telling one of my liberal friends about this post and I think he took it to heart.