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Feb 23rd 2008

Give Dennis Kucinich His Due

So says The Nation.

Compare the outpouring of affection and respect for John Edwards with the snark and abuse offered Kucinich when they each bowed out of the presidential race last month.

…on almost every issue that John Edwards battled hard on in 2007, helping move Obama and Clinton closer to the light, it’s indisputable that Dennis Kucinich pushed on those same issues back in 2003, again in 2007 and every year in between.

That sounds right. And I think that if Kucinich didn’t come off as, well, somewhat delusional (see: Dept. of Peace), he would have been a greater force in the Democratic party.

This makes me think: Perhaps what libertarian-leaning conservatives need is a less loony, more competent, and at least somewhat comprehensible version of Ron Paul. Someone who can articulate the argument for limited government without having to insert something about “the constitution” in every phrase.

Here’s looking to 2012…

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