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Apr 24th 2007

Google AdSense: What ads are you getting?

So, yesterday I came across this ad on a Twitter page that commented on the TV series Lost:

Google Adsense thinks that Lost could use some fecal flotation centrifuges on the set

and now all-encompassingly is serving me these two ads in the sidebar:

Google thinks I could be a stupid homosexual.

This makes me want to google and see if a club of “dumb homosexual veterinarians interested in fecal flotation tests” exists…although I think that doing so would permanently classify me as a member in Google’s eyes.

What’s the craziest AdSense you all have gotten?

3 Responses to “Google AdSense: What ads are you getting?”

  1. travis

    doug, let me explain the “are you gay?” ads. see this link.

  2. Samantha

    So, are you gay?

  3. doug

    travis: Heh.

    Samantha: Only when processing fecal flotation tests.