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Mar 27th 2005

Google and Easter Logo

The question is: why wasn’t there one on the Google homepage?

6 Responses to “Google and Easter Logo”

  1. summer

    doug, seriously, relax. “national water day” i can understand. but easter? how many people even celebrate that?

  2. Maybe it is because the easter bunny skipped their house.
    -eric Revolutionary

  3. Matt McD

    Google (or Googol) is Jewish, Doug. Surprised you didn’t know that. Take a look at these (in order) if you don’t believe me:


  4. abuzachary

    Well then come April 23 third I hope to see some Menoras or some other icons of Pesach.

  5. Google Didn’t Celebrate Easter?

    For those who are not “in the know,” Google replaces its logo every so often for a day or two during holidays and other observances. Not so on Easter, however.
    An article at Michelle Malkin’s blog points out that Google, despite displaying …

  6. maybe the pr of it is enough lower