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Jan 27th 2005

Grocery Ads for the Mathematically Challenged


As they say, you just can’t make this stuff up.

This ad is courtesy of Smith’s, a grocery store here in Provo, Utah.

Perhaps there were complaints from some Provo High students as to the confusing price structure of 10 cent cookies.

Those pesky decimal points are so hard to move around!

7 Responses to “Grocery Ads for the Mathematically Challenged”

  1. Heddie Richards

    I am TOTALLY offended by your degrading comments towards Provo High students. I am currently doing my student teaching at Provo High School. While the school may not be located on the Bonneville Bench and may not have as much funding as Timpview High School, the student body actually has higher UBSCT testing scores than Timpview and other high schools in the area. In addition, many of its sports programs are ranked top 3 in the state. The student body is probably one of the most diverse in the state-there are many INTELLIGENT students from Mexico, ARGENTINA (that’s for you DOUGY), Bolivia, Brazil, India, as well as the United States, etc. There are students that hate Bush and are political activists, others are very musical (just check out the Scarlet Pimpernel play). Just because they learn in different languages and through different methods does NOT mean that they have trouble with a decimal point. Besides, if I remember correctly, a decimal point in Spanish and English refer to different things-so if you’re refering to ESL students, at least have a good arguement. Please, before you make blanket statements and add a link to a website, at least research what you are refering to. Don’t assume-that makes an ass of u & me.

  2. heddie, i have interacted with these provo high geniuses at fat cats, movies 8, and other places. based on your description, i must have encountered an unrepresentative sample.

    but seriously, i think the reason for the advertisement is that many of smith’s shoppers (can you say illegal immigrants from central america who grew up in villages with barter economies) have not yet adjusted to the simplicity of the base-10 monetary system.

    smith’s is doing the educational work that our racist, isolationist (not to mention anti-gay) government refuses to do.


  3. doug


    Hey now…no offense intended, and certainly not at the immigrant community.

    Provo High is just the closest gathering of annoying teenagers.

    And yes…I’m sure I was annoying as a teenager (and apparently still am).

    And yes…I would write the same thing about my high school if the ad was from Giant Food or Safeway back in Maryland.

    And yes…I’m flattered that you remembered my affinity for Argentina.

  4. Heddie

    Alright Travis, let me get this straight, you are basing your judgement on Provo High students upon your experiences at Fat Cats and Movies 8? Although I’ve never had the pleasure to attend Fat Cats, it reminds me of the island on Pinnochio and well, I hate to inform the general public about Movies 8, but I’ve known several people recently “reintroduced” into society to work at the facility. Neither place is a fair battle ground. Don’t you think that it is a bit rash to form a judgement based upon your experiences in these places? What does that say about you and your judgement skills? P.S. and by the way, are you still going to law school Travis? And Doug, although Provo High IS the closest high school, I’ve met far more annoying BYU students than annoying students at Provo High. Para que sepas po. Alexia is in Jordan on a Fulbright Scholarship.

  5. Al

    Come on! Anyone siding with the high school kids are either in high school or should go back so they remember how annoying they really can be.
    Of course, it isn’t just Provo High. It is just the age of annoyance. And Doug, it is also true that some of us never grow out of that stage in our lives…

  6. I’m confused. Which one is the better deal? The 50 count?

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