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Apr 25th 2007

Gun Control and Virginia Tech

Ryan blogs about gun control and the tragedy at VT.

I fail to fully comprehend the terrible events earlier this week at Virginia Tech and feel that I am perhaps too removed to fully explore the issue. Much like many of the deaths that occur tragically in America.

However, this event has expectedly prompted discussion of gun control. Counter argument articles at caught my eye.

3 Responses to “Gun Control and Virginia Tech”

  1. Michael

    I Checked out the articles referenced by Ryan. I can’t help but think that Ted Nugent is one of the last people that I want serving as a spokesman in a serious debate–but, aside from some odd semantic choices (“, for one, refuse to genuflect [at the altar of denial]”), I thought he articulated my thoughts pretty well.

    And is it just me, or does Plate present the perfect counter argument to himself and then never address it?:

    “Last month, I was robbed at 10 in the evening in the alley behind my home. As I was carrying groceries inside, a man with a gun approached me where my car was parked. The gun he carried featured one of those red-dot laser beams, which he pointed right at my head.

    Because I’m anything but a James Bond type, I quickly complied with all of his requests. Perhaps because of my rapid response (it is called surrender), he chose not to shoot me; but he just as easily could have. What was to stop him?”

    Wouldn’t a gun have stopped him pretty quickly?

    I’m not sure I completely disagree with Plate in principal, but he is helping make me a little more sure.

  2. doug


    Interesting point.

    To go along with what you said… I remember hearing John Lott on Dennis Miller’s show talking about how having a gun and using it (just showing it, in most cases) was a safer self-defense mechanism than doing nothing.

  3. I main problem that I see is addressing the thug that robbed him. Where did the thug get his gun from?

    You take guns away, probably less gun crime overall. Perhaps the thug got his weapon legally and would turn to less lethally threatening means to accomplish his plundering ways were gun control in force. However, the remaining guns are suddenly even more powerful because when someone snaps, normal people are completely vulnerable for unbearable minutes until police arrive.

    Like I said on my blog, how can we expect to control guns when we can’t completely control illegal drugs? Thank goodness this ship got stopped. Can you imagine if a ship like this full of weapons got through?

    Finally, you take guns away and you eliminate an essential element of a free society. Once weapons are eliminated from the populace, they are much easier to control. Not that I or NRA members fear some sort of doomsday Government takeover, but looking through the lens of history and not “presentism” this has been one of the things at the beginning of the downfall of free governments – take weapons away from people.