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Aug 14th 2004

hand dryer instructions

in the men’s bathroom of BYU’s cannon center dining hall, there is some funny graffiti.

push button, receive bacon.  circa winter semester 2004

you probably can’t read it. i’m about as good with a camera as i am with babies (just lucky if i don’t drop them) but, as you can see, there are two parts to this instructional diagram. they have been slightly modified by witty hoodlums. the first pane has, scrawled beside the picture, “push button”, the next: “receive bacon”.


i normally dislike graffiti, but this is just too good. and who needs instructions for a one-button device, anyway?

10 Responses to “hand dryer instructions”

  1. I’ve seen add ons to these dryers as well. The funniest one that I have ever seen included a third step which said “wipe hands on pants”.

  2. john fowles

    A lot of those hand dryers in the JKHB and other buildings on campus used to have different types of graffiti on them (back in the mid-1990s). It usually consisted of certain letters being scratched out of the instructions and one or two letters added. Although the result was usually a little crasser than the example you cited, I admit to being amused by them not infrequently.

  3. someone’s giving away free bacon? where?

  4. It DOES look like bacon. That’s some fun graffiti — not offensive, just very creative.

  5. Christopher Rowan

    I actually thought about putting some bacon inside the blower that way when somebody uses it bacon actually falls out. That would be funny.

  6. pi22seven

    Hey! I found your blog looking for a picture like yours.

    The second set of instructions should actually be “Clap for bacon”.

  7. Hand Dryer Humor

    Believe it or not, it’s clean and too funny not to pass on.

  8. Push Butt**

    Two amusing things from a local restaurant in Oak Park: 1. They had a handblower with written instructions instead of pictures. The instructions were marred in all three expected ways: Press ButtRub hands under arm hairStop atomicallyWipe hands on pant…

  9. "bob"

    The world would be a much better place if hoodlums did not tease me so with bacon…

    more bacon would make people happy

  10. Fonzie

    I don’t know about you guys but I’m a bit freaked out that someone is lurking in the men’s bathroom ready to take pictures at a moments notice.