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Dec 23rd 2006

Happy Festivus

Happy Festivus

It’s December 23rd, which means that people from around the world will be gathering in their living rooms tonight around the aluminum pole for the airing of grievances and feats of strength.


UPDATE: ¡Festivus, explicado en Español!

3 Responses to “Happy Festivus”

  1. Adam Stallard

    Hahaha, you guys! I rediscovered your blog after googling Lorna. It’s amazing to see that you are still blogging, Travis… and Doug(!) I read “Ode to Summer” and then this:

    i also had an encounter with a dirty vagrant near my apartment. (and i’m not talking about juan melara, the roommate to whom i kindly lent my car, and who then wrecked it and refused to pay for it.)


    P.S. Doug, remember when we installed the keylogger on your computer? 🙂

  2. doug

    Adam! Hey, thanks for stopping by!

  3. hey adam! aspen ave, even with the keylogger, angry kevin, and doug’s “online subscription” was like heaven on earth compared to the next two places i lived. (1) a month on 4th west where everybody bailed and a couple of us were left paying double the rent, and then (2) briar, where some roommates were creepy and unpleasant.

    i got a measly $75 from juan by making a deal with him concerning some cell phone rebate checks that came to the house after he moved out. the repairs cost $700 or $800 and i pay higher insurance, even today.

    i felt bad asking him for the money, but i figured, hey i was trying to do him a favor in lending him the car in the first place! and he wrecked it into the house. i even asked him several times to just try to clean the paint off the best he could (there was house paint and a dent) but he wasn’t even willing to do that. i mean, come on, just fake like you care.