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Aug 17th 2005

Henrico County iBook Sale

Henrico County riotIf you haven’t herd about the iBook sale at the Richmond International Raceway in Henrico County, Virginia…read on.

A sale of second-hand Apple laptops costing only $50 have caused a near riot in Virginia in the US.

More than 5,500 people queued for a chance to buy one of the 1,000 laptops and stampeded when the sale of the computers started.

In the crush 17 people were injured and four needed hospital treatment.

The four-year-old iBooks were being sold off cheap because Henrico County switched to Dell from Apple to supply laptops for its schools.

3 Responses to “Henrico County iBook Sale”

  1. I was planning in going to this until they huge show of interest made them restrict the sale to just county residents. Boy am I glad I didn’t go to face that for a laptop that had been manhandled ny high-school students for four years. I’ve had two iBooks and loved them but they’re not worth that.

  2. Sorry for not proofreading my comments (until now).

  3. Independent Sources calculated teh lost revenue at a quater milllion dollars if they had been put on eBay, which I think would have been much better for all concerned. Great pun with “herd”. We may have to lift that.

    School Can’t Spell eBay