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Sep 30th 2004

Here Come the Expos; Enemy to Public Schools

As every sports fan knows, the Montreal Expos are moving to Washington D.C., and receiving a welcoming gift of a free, taxpayer funded stadium. As every resident of the D.C. area knows, the public schools in D.C. suck. And I’m not just talking about the ritual passing of guns through windows to avoid metal detectors. I’m talking about the fact that the D.C. government is so strapped for cash they can’t afford to plug holes in leaky roofs, or fix broken furnaces in the winter.

Well…Michelle Malkin has an excellent post over at her blog dealing with the nonsense of publicly funded sports stadiums.

It is sad that D.C., amid a growing crisis with its public school system, would agree to fund a private business of this magnitude.

I guess this is just what D.C. residents (and many other big city residents around the country) get for electing such enlightened “leaders” and Anthony Williams.

One Response to “Here Come the Expos; Enemy to Public Schools”

  1. ah, that we could go back to those days when DC had a REAL leader…like marion barry!