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Nov 20th 2005

Herlan Colindres

The Honduran teenager who killed a DEA agent just busted out of jail.

A teen accused of killing a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent and implicated in 16 other slayings has escaped from a youth correction facility — just as he promised he would — officials said Saturday.

Colindres and his 13-year-old bodyguard Manuel Romero were arrested in July in connection with the murder of DEA agent Michael Timothy Markey outside Tegucigalpa at a temple dedicated to Honduras’ patron saint.

He had previously been identified as 13-year-old Erlan Colindres, but authorities said Saturday he was three years older than believed and had modified the spelling of his first name.

Authorities said Markey, 44, who was based in El Paso, Texas, came to Honduras to train local drug police.

Friday was the fifth time in three years that Colindres has escaped from the crumbling facility, where bricks can easily be chipped from the walls.

We covered this Honduran teen before.

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