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Sep 21st 2006

Holy Linkbait Batman!

I think that this conclusively proves once and for all that the absolute best way to “attract links and increase web traffic” is to write about that very topic or, even better, link to others who have already done so. This is kind of like the get-rich-quick schemes that involve you selling “informational products” on how to get rich quickly.

Brilliant! I mean, hey, it got them a link here. 😛

6 Responses to “Holy Linkbait Batman!”

  1. As a fellow Mitch Hedberg fan, I am greatly saddened by that characterization.

  2. doug


    I’m sorry you are greatly saddened… Just plain “saddened” would be ok, but greatly? That’s a line I don’t want fellow Mitch Hedberg fans to be forced to cross.

    Take a deep breath and re-read what I wrote. 🙂

    I did link to your post, so the goal you alluded to in your response to Richard seemed to work. Your post was brilliant linkbait.

    Now, I didn’t mean to give it a super-negative connotation with the comparison to get-rich-quick schemes. I was just trying to point out the circular nature of the “how to get more links/visitors” genre of posts. The get-rich-quick “informational products” simply came to mind first.

  3. I was kidding. 🙂

    Like Mitch said:

    I bought an ant farm.

    Those fellas didn’t grow shit.

  4. doug


    Alright…. Cool….


  5. speaking of mitch hedberg and farming…..

    that reminds me of how people always asked mitch to do stuff that was related to comedy, but it wasn’t comedy.

    “ok, you’re a stand-up comedian. write us a script.”

    but you never ask that of other people like cooks:

    (“ok, you’re a cook. can you farm?”)

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