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Jan 22nd 2008


Thank God.

Hey, if Huckabee’s rise was God’s will, why not his fall?

Huckabee said he will continue to campaign in Florida on a shoestring budget, but added that he may pull out of the state before its Jan. 29 Republican primary if his prospects look dim.

“I don’t want to abandon Florida yet,” Huckabee told reporters Monday on a late-night flight from Orlando to Atlanta, where he planned to campaign Tuesday. “We have not come to the conclusion that Florida is out of play.”

He said his campaign will evaluate the Florida situation day by day. Meanwhile, he said, he will find time to campaign in several other southern states holding primaries on Feb. 5.

It’s over.

4 Responses to “Huckadone”

  1. bnice

    i think huck may try and position for vp with mccain.

  2. doug

    Yeah. I have little doubt he’s going to stay in the race for that and to try and deny the evil Mormon the nomination.

  3. Do you think Huckabee is intentionally easing up on Florida so his votes don’t interfere with a McCain victory?

  4. doug

    No. I think he is trying to stay in it through Super Tuesday. If he spends all his money on Florida, he still won’t win there, yet he will be totally ineffectual in the southern states on Feb 5.