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Jul 27th 2005

Hugo Chavez Fan Club President

Some people are either ignorant or just plain dumb, or both.

July 6, 2005

Danny Glover, unwilling to be outdone by Castro amigo jack Nicholson or Hanoi (I mean Baghdad) Jane, has stepped forward in support of Hugo Chavez.

UPDATE: See some of our other posts about everyone’s favorite Latin American idiot.

69 Responses to “Hugo Chavez Fan Club President”

  1. Taqwa

    To all you racist, fascist, xenophobes who are actually dumb enough not to know or care about the million of dead and suffering people throughout the world who have been victimized by the U.S. in its’ quest for “greatest”, let us all pray to Almighty God, by whatever name you know Him, and ask him to give this country what it REALLY deserves, and when He does, you will all be on the next thing moving trying to get out of this burg!

  2. Chantal

    Taqwa…why wait???? GO NOW!!!!!! I’m sure no tears will be shed!

  3. Taqwa

    Chantal….See ya! Wouldn’t want to be ya!

  4. Rob

    Danny Glover?? Are you kidding me? This is the best this nut case could do? Some washed up actor who has zero credibility anywhere including Hollywood. Please someone name a halfway decent movie this idiot has done in the last 5 years. Let me help you…he hasn’t cuz he’s washed up. LOSER!! Hey Danny, I lived in Latin America for 19 years where when they criticize the president of their country, they end up dead with their head lopped off. You are a lucky bastard that you live in such a great country that allows you to spout off stupidity like you did yesterday in Harlem. You are a vile repulsive “African” American. It would be easy to say sell your Malibu home and move to Venezuela. Thats the simplistic answer. I got a better one for you. What would you do differently than our great president? Let’s see, he’s prevented another attack, pulled us out of the depths of a serious economic downturn, lowered taxes (even for idiots like you). Just to name a few. And, he had the courage to make a tough decision to send our troops into harms way so that you can continue to live your life unabashed. See Dan, this is greater than just fightin a war in Iraq. You and your liberals buddies just don’t get it. You tree huggin fanatics. Get a clue. Do you realize more Americans were murdered in this country last year (30,000) than have died in Iraq in the 3 plus years we’ve been there. If we don’t stop this Muslin fanaticism they just might be living with you in your cozy Malibu mansion. In times of war, what you did yesterday is akin to aiding the enemy. Chavez signed a treaty with Iran. The greatest supporter of terrorism and you think it’s ok to support this guy. On second thought, let me help you pack Dan and moved your sorry ass right on over to Venezuela. There they’ll treat you like we do here…like a nobody that you are. Good riddance you piece of shit.

    As for your Taqwa, take you and your muslin ass name back to Iran/Iraq or wherever a piece of garbage like you comes from. By the way, this is 2006 “see ya wouldn’t want to be ya” was circa 1990. Get with the times…and by the way…Mohammed sucks. Long live the Pope!!

    Chantal…now that is a hot name. I bet you are a smokin good looking woman. And intelligent to by your comments.

  5. Pam

    Taqwa, you are definately not an american, are you from another planet perhaps? Those of us that speak with intellegence, unlike yourself know all too well about the dead and suffering. You really must pull your head from out your a** and I know it’s really burried way up there! I wonder why if Hugo baby is so wonderful, why hasn’t he been able to stop all the worlds atrocities????? Him and all his good buddies, Castro, Kim Jong il, etc. HMMMMM…He is a tyrant and a populist dictator. He exploits the poor while claiming he is helping them. Despite the fact that Venezuela has record oil prices, the economy over there is in a rut. There’s poverty, high unemployment, poor education, and medical issues oh and yes, corruption, can you believe that?? Sounds pretty inviting doesn’t it Taqwa?? So when are you moving? Chantal & I will help you pack sweatheart! What our country “Really Deserves”…is for you and all your other Chavez ass kissers to move on out, the sooner the better. Now, “SEE YA WOULDN’T WANNA BE YA” JACKASS

  6. Pops

    Hugo Chavez: “Keep your @#! oil.” Then you’ll see how the free market responds. Don’t expect your wacko friends to come to your aid.

  7. Rob

    Danny Glover? Are you kidding me? Thats the best this knucklehead could do? A washed up actor! Hey Danny, things can’t be all that bad. When you make the money you do for one of your lousy films, how can you complain. I mean, what was the last meaningful movie you made in the last say 5 years….can’t mention one can ya? Cuz you haven’t you liberal wimp. See Danny boy, it would be easy for me to say pack your stuff and move to Venezuela if it’s so awful here. I lived in Latin American for 19 years. You should count your lucky stars our men and women are fighting the good fight in Iraq so that boneheads like you can continue to say the things you do without the threat of being killed and beheaded like they are where Chavez lives. I know, I lived it under Manuel Noriega a man similar to Chavez. You see Dan, someday, if we don’t succeed in building democracies in the middle east, Al Qaeda is gonna be living with you in your Malibu mansion. How you could even lend support to a maniac who signed a treaty with Ahmadinejad, the worlds greatest sponsor of terrorism. Hey Dan, you enjoy a good nights sleep while our boys and girls fight those sorry basta@#s. The very ones you undermine when you show support for Chavez. Let me ask you a question Dan. What would you have done differently than our great leader president Bush? Liberals like you put us in this situation. Go hug another tree Dan. Leave the politics to the professionals. You see, W is fighting the good fight over there. He has cut taxes (even for losers like you) and pulled us out of the depths of one of the worst economic times our country has ever seen. Not bad considering what he was dealt on 9/11.

    As for you Taqwa, take your muslim name and go back to Iraq or Iran or whatever god forsaken country you come from. And by the way, Mohammed the prophet sucks. Now, feel free to go out and burn the pope in effigy. Your kind kills me. Muslin, the religion of peace killing people left and right because someone said something offensive about Mohammed. Get a grip. When a muslim attempted to kill the pope, what did the pope do? Forgave him. Try it sometime, it’s a much better way.

    By the way, Chantal, you sound hot. I can tell you are a very intelligent woman.

  8. shacoty

    I have to wonder if Taqwa is perhaps a terrorist himself with such sentiments as he /she has expressed. The amount of time money and effort we poor into trying to pick people up and let them have a voice. Who if not the USA would make any effort to help the weakest voices in the world. Amazing!!! Perhaps you should spend some time in research as to what kind of people Chavez has alighned himself with, let alone what he himself has done in his own country. His goal is simple turn the poor people against there goverment. Convince the masses that our democracy is faulty and start the next revalution. We would destroy ourselves from within, and they would become the winners but WE would be the biggest loosers as our freedom and our very lives would be gone!!!

  9. proud american

    Reading this page makes me sick!! I can’t believe how many stupid, ignorant “Americans” live in this country. Maybe you should do your research (Piece of mind, J Templeton, automan, hao_jinxian to name a few). How many of you have actually lived in Venezuela to know your head from your ass? Do you not remember that his own people kicked him out of their country in 2002? He has to bribe and bus poor village people into Caracus to support him. The only people that really have wealth work for the oil companies, many of them being North American. Before Chavez gives the US such a grand jesture he probably should look in his own back yard. But he probably doesn’t care because unlike President Bush he cares more about how he is perceived in other countries than the welfare of his own. Oh and until you have had a gun pointed in your face and told that the United States should be blown up with the words “VIVA CHAVEZ” yelled in your face don’t tell me how wonderful he is. He only has his interests in mind not yours.I did live there and the people are wonderful, but their El Presidente is another story.

  10. Andy

    Taqwa and others are probably the same people who have given notice they will be protesting tomorrow morning at the funeral of a honorable and brave soldier who was killed last week in Iraq. This individual served our great country and fought to give these dispicable people the privilege they no doubt are going to “enjoy” tomorrow morning on the streets of my small Oklahoma home town. The thought of someone protesting at a ceremony as sacred as a family’s last moment with their loved ones seriously makes my stomach turn. On the other hand, knowing that we live in a country that allows her citizens to speak, worship, and PROTEST in any way they wish truly makes me proud (as weird as that sounds!)….

    THIS my friends is what makes individuals like Osama Bin Laden, Saddaam Hussein, Castro, Kim Jong Il, Ahmadinejad, Chavez and all of their cronies HATE US. Our freedom threatens them because they know that deep down, their citizens (the ones who are not brainwashed or killed) are looking at the United States of America and are dreaming of living the life that we are all blessed to live.

    When it is all said and done, this is the price we unfortunately have to pay for being the global leader. When disaster strikes anywhere across the globe the US is always the first to step up and offer aid. When floods ripped Venezuela apart several years ago, the US gave 25 Million in aid to the Venezuelan people…our thanks…come to our country and call our president and for that matter our COUNTRY the “devil” and “world tyrants”. Then in the same day, try to win over our citizens with the amazing gift of cheap heating oil! Put frankly, Mr. Chavez, take your cheap heating oil and shove it up your ass.


    Let’s all do our part to show Mr. Chavez, his friends and supporters that we will not be insulted!!!

  11. r campbell

    i’ll never watch another fim with glover in it or buy a single gallon of citgo gas until glover aplogizes and citgo changes ownership!!!!!!!

  12. s jackson

    Im never going to see a Danny Glover movie again.
    In my eyes he is a traitor like Jane Fonda.
    Danny, look what Chavez is doing to his own country and if you dont like our country, go to Venezuela. That was a dumb move by you.

  13. s jackson

    Danny Glover and Harry Belefante are traitors. With all the millions you guys made in the USA. We say in the world, you never spit on the plate you eat from.
    What an insult for our country, you guys are a disgrace.

  14. s jackson

    I never liked Rangel, but now i do. He is a real American.

  15. PN Mer

    Where was Chavez when the US announced war on terror?? No where to be found!! Chavez is a terrorist!!!

  16. j kern

    At least Mel Gibson has sort of an excuse..he’s a lush…what can the traitor to the US..Danny Glover..ever use as his reason or his motive for supporting a belief that wants to kill Americans? Take your attitude, pack your bags and get the hell out of the country that let you shoot your mouth off.

  17. Jim Cooper

    I am sorry for us.Glover and the rest of the comunist bastards will never make another dime from me. I will make it my goal to spread bad will for them all. Unapreciative [edited].Time for us all to stand up.
    Jim Cooper

  18. Taqwa

    To all you blood-sucking, fascist running-dogs, who try to hide your raping and pillaging behind your mock patriotism, America had its’ chance to be a REAL leader to all Mankind, but has instead opted to be just another run-of-the-mill imperialist war-monger!

    The fact of the matter is, America and Americans don’t give a damn about anybody but themselves! You live a life of luxury not based on your merits as “hard working” people, but you do so at the expensive and suffering of downtrodden people all over the world!

    Your government has assasinated leaders of other countries, destabilized regional economies, trained secret police forces throughout the world to torture and maim, all in your “national interest”. All so you can sit on your fat asses in your SUVs or in front of the TV, while you get “supersized”. Utterly disgusting. What you waste alone would end hungry in the world.

    Lets face it, you give a lot of lip-service to freedom, democracy and peace, but the truth of the matter is, you know your luxury is achieved by the blood of others, and you’re allright with it, you hedonistic, hypocritical hyenas!!

    As far as the “troops” (more like stormtroopers) are concerned, they are no more than the brainwashed lackeys doing the dirty work of of your government its corporate sponsors, just like you! Even worse, they are the “cannon fodder” for the handful of rich and powerful entities that really run your country and you. Dead or maimed, they deserve everything they got, and you have no one to blame but yourselves! That’s right blame yourselves for being so stupid and arrogant!

    In regard to Chavez, the deployable condition of Venezuela, and all of South America is a direct result of US meddling and greed, period! Whatever Hugo Chavez’s sins may be, they pale in comparison to the sins of the US government. So I suggest you remove the “beam” from your own eyes before you try to remove the speck of dust from someone else’s

  19. doug

    Maybe Ann Coulter was right, Liberals do hate America.

    On that note, the comments are closed.