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Apr 21st 2006

Hugo Chavez: What a popular man!

I get comments to my posts here on all-encompassingly emailed to me directly at I’m not sure if we are moving up in some search engine’s rankings for “Hugo Chavez” searches, but I still get comments about previous blog posts regarding our favorite populist/socialist/military thug.

Here is one that came in today to a post I made a couple weeks ago about Hugo Chavez.

Pupuso de Maiz

I like Hugo Chaves because he is helping poor people… and I like Fidel Castro!

Is pupuso a macho pupusa? 😉

After living in El Salvador I became addicted to them. Unfortunately, they cost 10 times as much here in the U.S. and never learned how to make them from scratch. But it’s never too late!

I like Hugo Chaves because he is helping poor people…

I doubt it. But if it is the case, there are certainly more poor people now in Venezuela than when he originally took office.

and I like Fidel Castro!

After Fidel Castro and Che Guevara finished killing poor farmers in Cuba they apparently set out to help the surviving empoverished class. A cursory review of Cuba’s economy leads me to believe that Fidel is better at killing than he is at helping.

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