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May 30th 2005

Hugo Chavez

For the past couple days rumors had been swirling in and around Caracas that the Venezuelan leader/president/dictator Hugo Chavez had died. Unfortunately the rumors were incorrect. The “Indio Putumayo” (as Fidel refers to him) is alive and kicking.

UPDATE: See some of our other posts about everyone’s favorite Latin American idiot.

31 Responses to “Hugo Chavez”

  1. abuzachary


  2. Juan Pueblito

    Dear Hugo
    Once upon a time a guy named Manny thumbed his nose at uncle sam and dared him to come and get him well guess what Hugo Manny is in Miami and I understand that next to his room there is vacant one

  3. S Gibbs

    My response to Hugo Chavez’ paranoid rants at the UN today, Sept 20, 2006 –
    When Mr. Chavez has been elected by his people – as opposed to putting himself in power with weapons and force – when he has allowed the people of Venezuela to place their vote – then and only then will his comments about what the “people want” and have to say be valid – then and only then will his words hold credibility – our elected officials hold office because they are voted in by the good people of the United States. A dictator is after all, defined by HIS actions – not by our Presidents’ words – and Chavez’ actions speak for themselves. When our President leaves office after his term limit as is dictated by the laws of the United States, I wonder who Mr. Chavez ( I’m assuming since he wasn’t elected and there is no term limit for dictatorship that he will try to hold onto his self-proclaimed title indefinately) – But I wonder who will he blame then for the deteriorating state of his own country – I wonder if he will continue to blame others or whoever is voted into office in the US, much like a child bully on the playground who says when he feels weak, “he did it”. After all, we are a completely separate country. It will be interesting to see what occurs when his people realize that his paranoid words do not a leader make. The people’s vote is what defines a leader.

  4. Pamel

    Hugo Chavez is horribly ignorant and came across as a ranting idiot at the UN meeting. To call the USA an empire and imperialistic shows how little this person understands.

    As an American living in the USA, I say we Americans need to stop all financial assistance to this country and all those countries who agree with this ranting dictator.

    What say you?

  5. There recently was a hurricane named “Hugo”, all full of wind like the ignorant Mr. Chavez. See what our President has to deal with?

  6. Joey

    This idiot rants because he knows the only way anyone will pay attention to him is if he provokes the US. Otherwise, he is just another dictator in the short line to a future coup.

  7. The thinking man's man

    Please! All of you!
    Yes, we have elections, you don’t seem to remember the stench that came from both elections?! Sounds like the makings of someone not put in by the people.

    Here’s my favorite quote:

    “It will be interesting to see what occurs when his people realize that his paranoid words do not a leader make. The people’s vote is what defines a leader.”

    Bush has been known to make paranoid statements; those involving “Insurgents” and “God’s Plan”.

    So before you throw Chavez under the bus, take a look at your leader as well.

  8. Troy

    Are there Hypocrites amongst Us?

    1) who is President Bush to tell other nations what they can and can’t do, while we are doing what he tells them they can’t when it comes to Geneva Convention laws, Nuclear power, terrorism, ECT. (Hypocrite) (Playing God)?

    2) If we found WMD in Iraq what would we be doing differently over there now? Answer = Nothing. If the answer is nothing, then how can any nation be safe from imperialism regardless of what the country does within its own borders?

    3) Why he and his VP are exempt from the Constitution that everybody else has to live and abide under? Examples are testifying under oath, warrant less wiretapping, keeping their profiles under wraps in an archive, accountability or explanations for anything under the scope of their elected roles. I will stop there because I don’t want to be labeled as Anti-American, Communist, or Terrorist. For some reason these labels seem to explain everything for anybody who wishes not to understand the situation or further their education on getting through ones own insecurities or biases. If we are not allowed to question or convict the executive branch then where is the check and balance system that was instilled in our country to keep them honest?

    4) The President made a promise that Bin Laden would be brought to justice on live TV to us. Why has the administration’s philosophy changed, and why do we have mixed messages from what he said to the nation originally?

    5) Why did the administration mean after 9/11/01 when the house speaker, Bush, Cheney, Rice tould the media point blank that they had no prior knowledge of 9/11, when in 8/6/01 a President daily briefing (PDB) memo found by CBS reporting title Bid Laden Intending to Strike in the US plus other documentation since late 1999 tells the world otherwise?

  9. Juan Encarnacio

    Hugo is an idiot. This country is all about free speech and you are welcome to say what you please. It doesn’t mean Americans have to accept it. I think Bush has been terrible, bu it gives you no right as a foreigner to come to our country and insult him. You and that Iranian dude are saying stuff for media attention cuz’ your ******* are probably pretty small and want to draw attention to your useless countries..think we should bomb the s*** out of your country…no smelly Venezuelans willing to stand up against your c**** of a dictator.

  10. kaz

    Other than the fact that Chavez has called Bush “the Devil” does anyone posting on this site know anything at all about him. How about the fact that he was democratically elected (not a dictator, folks) and that he was briefly ousted from power in a military coup that had at least the indirect (and perhaps direct) support of the US government.
    Our president feels very comfortable calling other world leaders “evil”, so why can’t we handle it when world leaders respond in kind. President Chavez has legitimate historical (for any who don’t know about the long US history of covert support in ousting democratic regimes in Latin America, please educate yourselves a bit before judging the current views of that region’s people) ideological, and personal reasons (Bush should be able to relate- I don’t think he liked it when Saddam tried to have his dad killed; should Chavez feel differently knowing that Bush supported his overthrow) to dislike Bush and resent America.
    His views are common among his people and come not from brainwashing but an awareness among his own people that America has often been willing to meddle in the internal affairs of Latin America against the benefit of Latin Americans. Not surprisingly, nations that have historical experience as the victims of American repression are going to be much more suspicious of American motives than Americans are. Most American unfortunately have long chosen to ignore or forget the uglier episodes of our history (as an intro start with Hawaii, the Philippines, Pre-Khomeini Iran, and Chile), and therefore struggle to understand the resentment of many of the world’s people. This lack of repentance does not help. If Bush and other Americans wish to improve their international standing blindly pretending that American is, and always has been, some type of selfless international police force is not a good place to start. In order to improve our relations with foreign nations we must all become more aware of the flaws of past policy and commit ourselves as a people to a foreign policy that does not rely on military and covert action to manipulate foreign countries for our own economic benefit. Bush is the anti-thesis of this type of leader and as such we should not be surprised when foreign leaders view him negatively.
    By the way, in response to a previous posters statement that we “should cut off aid to Venezuala”; we actually the mid-1960s.

  11. doug

    Other than the fact that Chavez has called Bush “the Devil” does anyone posting on this site know anything at all about him.

    Why yes…we do! Just poke aound a little bit (the search form at the top of the site is your friend).

    How about the fact that he was democratically elected (not a dictator, folks)…

    Depends on what “democratically elected” means to you. If a leader lets the political opposition out of jail to mount a decent campaign during the election year, does that count? Oh…wait…Hugo Chavez doesn’t even do that.

    …and that he was briefly ousted from power in a military coup that had at least the indirect (and perhaps direct) support of the US government.

    Sweet karma.

    Since you know all about Hugo Chavez, I’m sure you know that he mounted an unsuccessful military coup himself back in 1992.

    He is a run-of-the-mill Latin American thug. Sorry, that’s just the truth.

  12. Thomas Geer

    Put a fork in this loudmouth and call it a day. He calls himself a paratrooper. Scumbag would not make a pimple on the worst 82nd Airborne Soldiers [edited]. The State Department is much too civilized. Just take this [edited] to a local jail, and make him someomnes [edited]. Better yet, send him to that spineless traitor, Joe Kennedy.

  13. truthteller

    i gotta say the ignorance and racism in this country could make mute person scream. For one, hugo chavez was democarticly elected. after his election he held more elections: Rewritting of the Constitution (voted yes by the people); voting on a council to rewrite the constitution (the individuals were voted to rewrite it); Voting on accepting the new Constitution (voted yes by a majority of the people); Then after all this there was a re-election for every official in government including himself ( his party didnt win every seat, but a good amount…. and he was re-elected el presidente.)….. He is not a lunatic, but a well spoken individual that believes in redistribution of wealth to the poor( which happens to be the majority of the population). The people that despise him within Venezuela are the former government, which was corrupted by bussinessmen there and here in the United States. The problem that the US has with latin america becoming impowered is that we have been taking and taking, therefore we fear the reprocussions of our actions.

  14. There’s so much misinformation from media outlets that it’s sometimes impossible to see a situation clearly.
    so how’d you get interested in the whole hugo chavez debate. Drop me a line truthteller.

  15. Ames Tiedeman

    Those who support Hugo Chavez are nothing more than single minded socialists who are violating the basic tenants of human rights. They are no different than Chavez himself. In the end both will fail. It is quite shocking that these supporters actually think it is okay that Chavez has cancelled the oppositons radio station, television station, magazines, and newspapers. Everyone must support freedom and Democracy in Venezuela. What we see in Caracas is nothing less than the second coming of Fidel Castro himself.

  16. Abraham Reyes

    is Hugo Chavez going to make venezuela a comunist country? and when?

  17. See on the link above the new latin revolutionary of our time. The historic Guevara quotes have been Chavezized to reflect the new times.

  18. Joe Russo

    In my mind, Hugo Chavez is a stupid drooling piq who should be hung upside down like Mussolini until his eyeballs pop out of his sockets. It is incredible to me that the CIA or some other Spy Agency hasn’t taken this mad man out of power. Everytime he opens his mouth, garbage comes spewing out of it. I applaud the King of Spain for telling him to shut up. As a matter of fact, the most popular ring tone in Spain right now is “Hugo, por sue no te calles”

  19. Joe Willy

    Hugo Chavez should die like Mussolini.

  20. doug

    I wouldn’t wish a violent death upon him. But I think that he will eventually be forced from office, and that may be the route he goes.

  21. Northmen

    I read today that Colombias top drug lord was killed in Venezuela. Very interesting. Hugo Chavez is setting himself up to by the largest drug lord the world has ever seen. Remember when Hugo bought those 100,000 AK47’s, under the guise of protecting his country against a U.S. invasion. Then Hugo met with FARC under the guise of securing the release of hostages. That was followed by Hugo claiming the Colombia was planning to invade Venezuela with U.S. help. Then, Hugo came out and admitted that he uses coca paste. Now, we have the death of the top Colombian drug lord occuring in Venezuele. Connect the dots. He wanted to meet with FARC so he could establish his cocaine pipeline (much like he did with Evo in Bolivia). He is going to flood Colombia with AK47’s and paramilitaries to destabilize that goverment, thus allowing the free flow of cocaine. Trust me, this “drug lord” was working with Hugo under his protection, but there can only be one top dog, and Hugo decided it was time for this guy to go. Now Hugo will replace him, use FARC and his own paramilitaries to destablize Colombia, and reap billions in the drug trade. At the end of the day, Hugo is nothing more than a drug dealer. That is why he is trying to establish a new banking collective, to wash his drug money. CONNECT THE DOTS PEOPLE. But hey, the Hollywood crowd love him, but why not their are all high on cocaine anyway. Track the money, track the money, track the money. It’s so obvious what he is up to.

  22. President Hugo Chavez is responsible for countless human rights violations. He is currently holding many political prisoners, all of whom were imprisoned by the Venezuelan government on trumped-up charges in cases with manifest due process violations.
    If you are interested in this issue you should check out

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  24. Jerry Moore

    I am kaput with you. You have pissed off one of the great majority in my country and will soon reap the consequences, I hope. Keep yourself and your views well away from me and my countrymen. Next time a disaster befalls your armpit, ask your new friends for help. And while your at it, take your Citco fuel and make yourself a golden flow on ebay. I place you in the same batch as Jane Fonda and her crowd. Not worth the piss to put a fire out in your mouth. Stay out of my news and my country.

  25. Mila

    Dear Mr. Chavez,
    I would like to express my great sympathy to you not only as a leader but a great and strong man!!!
    I wish more leaders to be like that in today’s world!!!

  26. Maria Briceno

    Chavez is the worst president Venezuela has ever had.
    The man is a murderer, and a liar. I just came back from Venezuela where I stayed for 2 months. Anyone who thinks that Chavez is good for Venezuela is dead wrong.
    The united States has nothing to do with his hatred for humanity. It is obvious that this man was not loved by his mother when he was a child. Chavez hates everybody, but more important he hates personal liberty. I hope he dies soon. He is another Castro and the world does not need these kind of people.

  27. carlos

    ctm hijo de puta dictador de mela loko basura no soy eu soy latino ctm perroooooooooo

  28. emelda

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  29. edgar



  30. Scott

    This guy is a complete and udder moron!!! How can someone be so freaking stupid. Today I saw he is claiming the US caused the Haitian earthquake, what a QUACK!! Didn’t know until today that he also re-named Angel Falls. That isn’t so bad I guess, history repeats itself naming “newly-claimed” land. But, give the world a break and please please Hugo, put a gun in your big unbelievable, lying mouth and pull the trigger……. PLEASE!!!!

  31. Indio

    I feel so sorry for this guy, he is destroying a country that he think its his. The poor man cant sleep thinking about the gringos; his tie will come sooner than he thinks, once his father dies (Fidel), the so call revolution is over, thank God!!!!

    This man is a dictator and is destroying Venezuela and no country is doing anything about it, the UN is a funny.