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Sep 16th 2003

hungry, hungry hippies!

they’re coming to get you. about 9000 hippies gathered to a remote part of the uinta mountains this past july. they do it often, at least every summer. the hippies are mad because the government is restricting their freedom to assemble by asking them to get permits and pay fines for destroying vegetation and frightening away wildlife. i agree with the hippies that these types of government restrictions are annoying. at the same time, however, i sympathize with the voiceless environment.

we’ve all seen pictures of the woodstock, new york farm where hippies partied in 1969. in three days, they converted a beautiful farm into a strip mine ugly enough to make a halliburton executive blush.

back to 2003: KSL estimates that taxpayers will be picking up a $ 1/2 million dollar tab from the hippies’ woodsy antics this july alone.

So many cars, and so much foot traffic, has trampled vegetation and left dusty or muddy places that could become erosion problems. The Forest Service hopes to negotiate a plan for Rainbows to do re-seeding and rehabilitation, and to pay for it. [source]

the way i see it, the hippies have three choices: they could (1) meet in smaller groups, (2) pay to have the area restored after they leave, or if all else fails, they could (3) rent out one of those gigantic marriott hotel conference rooms and have some potted plants trucked in to help create the right woodsy ambiance.

check out: some of the pictures may be offensive (or at least interesting) but the article represents the hippie viewpoint. in my opinion, the article is an example of writing that is pro-whatever coming off making the whatever sound stupider than if they’d not said anything.

the irony, of course, is that i can’t even ride my mountain bike on certain protected trails, but the hippies, apparently, are allowed to turn the valleys next to those trails into chernobyl part deux.

what’s up with that?

6 Responses to “hungry, hungry hippies!”

  1. Melissa

    “Clothes makes the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society.”
    Mark Twain

  2. Doug

    Unfortunately Mark Twain lived before the cultural rebirth that was the 60’s.

  3. Interesting article. Somebody ought to drop a common sense infiltration device on them.

    BTW, your “gathered” link doesn’t seem to work

  4. thanks…fixed the link.

  5. I linked to this entry on my site. Thanks.


    Patterned after the 1969 Woodstock event in upstate New York, the yearly gatherings are comprised of ten to twenty thousand people meeting on public land for an extended weekend during the summer. It’s a big party. And, as with Woodstock, the aftermath…