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Sep 29th 2007

I feel deceived.

At the end of last year’s college football season I posted Notre Dame: Were they ever that good? wondering out loud about Notre Dame and lamenting the sad state of football at South Bend.

N. Chung, a frequent commenter on the blog, said the following:

I just finished Lou Holtz’s bio, and he even complained that media voters rate ND higher than deserved. Given that the Irish have a national fan base, you can drive up readership of SI and other media outlets by giving ND an inflated ranking.

OTOH, ND will be the real deal next year. They have a no JC xfer policy, so Weiss wasn’t able to patch up their lack of speed right away. They grabbed the best prep QB this past recruiting season.

Chung, you deceived me. 😉

Assuming that Notre Dame can beat Navy and Duke, they may end the year with only two wins. Two. On the upside, they have a decent chance against Stanford and Air Force, so they may get four victories on the year.

So…why did they fire Ty Willingham?

2 Responses to “I feel deceived.”

  1. abdul rahim

    This is hilarious. Is N. Chung posting anywhere about how this 0-5 start is all an illusion? Another Notre Dame “expert.”

  2. N Chung

    ND is 1-2 now. Weiss “began the season over” after their 0-3 start.