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Apr 19th 2003

if the communist party of China could only get SARS…

Over the past several weeks the increasing number of SARS cases has received considerable attention. It is now known that SARS originated in China and that the communist regime (which is as overdue for a regime change as any in the world) purposely hid the seriousness of the illness, as well as the number of cases, from the public and the World Health Organization.

At the present time we have a health crisis on our hands, in large part due to the imprudent tradition of secrecy of communist China. Hopefully all this will be taken as another cogent reminder that communism deserves to be thrown on the trash heap of history once and for all.

2 Responses to “if the communist party of China could only get SARS…”

  1. what other regimes do you think need changing? i think that france needs a regime change. it really stinks. oh, wait. it just needs a shower and a change of clothes.

    [french guy reading this: “shower?! what’s a ‘shower’?!]

    [palestinian guy reading this: “shower?! i think i’ll go hijack an unarmed pleasure boat and, while i’m at it i’ll shoot any paraplegics that happen to be on board!]

  2. "bob"

    travis you are harsh and mean. Doug, is good. Doug will… RELAX… Communism bad, doug good, “kill the prime minister of maylasia!”