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Jan 29th 2004

instant message history #1: random questions

i’ve just came upon a CD where i archived some old IM conversations. i honestly don’t know why i saved them at the time, but now my blog will reap the benefits! (or not, depending on how much these turn out to suck.) this first one is from 9 june 2002. melissa was trying to get me to guess who she saw that day, and i couldn’t have cared less, apparently:

Melissa: ok, I will just tell you
travis: okay tell me
Melissa: I met Chris ______’s parents–they moved into my neighborhood.
travis: oh great
– – – –
travis: congratulations
– – – –
travis: i’m so happy
– – – –
Melissa: apparently you did not like the “Guess who I met today” game
Melissa: I did not talk to them for very long, but his dad just came right up to me and said “you must be Melissa, how are you!”
travis: was his speech slurred?
Melissa: not that I noticed, why?
travis: i don’t know, it just sounded like a funny thing to inquire about,
travis: like, its so random, ya know?
Melissa: yes, I know
travis: did he have club feet?
Melissa: well, it is like this…
Melissa: my mom helped them find a place to live
travis: did he have ears like an elf?

the conversation came to an end soon after this excerpt. as this new series develops, please let me know what you think of my IM conversations and if i should continue posting excerpts. for a complete, official transcript of this, or any IM conversation you see on, please send $19.95 plus $4.95 shipping and handling to tl_sfkabg -at-, and request the conversation by its date and participant(s). please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

3 Responses to “instant message history #1: random questions”

  1. Al

    those are good questions. you never know when an slurred speach, elf eared, club footed dude will come up to you and call you by name. freaky. if it does happen to you… run. could be some lord of the rings fanatic. yikes.

  2. Doug

    Your fans await installment II.

  3. "bob"

    you know… that was quite silly of you to post

    but I like the thinking behind ordering the transcripts at $19.99 plus shipping & handling