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Jan 7th 2007

Is Blogger the marijuana of the blogosphere?

That’s what this guy seems to think, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Blogger with its minimal barrier to entering the world of self-publishing helps people understand the pleasures of blogging. Then it frustrates us with service outages, bad customer service, and the inability to backup data and years of work. Then we discover there is a world of highly configurable, open source content management systems freely available.

So, is Blogger the gateway drug for blogging in general?

It was for all-encompassingly (see our history).

3 Responses to “Is Blogger the marijuana of the blogosphere?”

  1. Yes. And I’m still with ’em. At least, until I can justify buying Dreamweaver.

  2. I think Doug is referencing the many open source and free things like those featured on Open Source CMS.

    There is a “CMS Demo Menu” that lists many of the open source options out there and lets you try them.

  3. I understand that, and open-source stuff is great. I just have always wanted to do it all myself, at least once. Likely fail. Then go open source again. YAY ME! lol.