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Dec 8th 2003

Is Bush even a conservative?

A short quote from an outstanding article outlining the complete failure of the Bush administration to further the conservative principle of limited government:

Government must be limited. Growth in government is not good, because government is based on coercion. Individuals do a better job spending their own hard- earned money than government, which lavishes its ill-gotten gains on special interest groups and constituencies that whine the loudest. Government should protect the national defense and do some basic, clearly delineated tasks, but defense means defense, not offense. American civil liberties must not be endangered by never-ending wars with constantly shifting endposts.

Compared to this ideal, President Bush is a disaster. Even compared to other modern conservative politicians, he has been a huge disappointment. In fairness, the president has been good on tax cuts, has appointed some decent people to judicial posts and has resisted some of the worst proposals from the left, such as the Kyoto global warming treaty.

But mostly it has been one sellout after another.

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3 Responses to “Is Bush even a conservative?”

  1. travis

    doug, you’re right. president bush HAS made some mistakes–including calling islam “peaceful”. heh.

    a few months ago, the once-great conservative blog, who are you kidding looked at the top ten whoopsies of the bush presidency. [link]

  2. travis

    uh, in the right-hand column. [click]

  3. travis

    see also CS&W