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Feb 3rd 2008

It will be very close on Tuesday

Get out and vote. Email your friends and relatives in Super Tuesday states.

Romney is gaining ground in California, Georgia, Tennessee, and other states.

Spread the word.

And I don’t think it is going to end on February 5th or February 12th.

This may be like the immigration debate last year…and we have time still to change the outcome.

7 Responses to “It will be very close on Tuesday”

  1. I just saw Hugh Hewitt’s blog and am really excited by this news.

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  3. I love this quote from CNN today:

    “Republicans nationwide see McCain as best able to handle Iraq and terrorism but view Romney as the candidate most likely to handle the economy,” he said. “Mike Huckabee is seen as the GOP candidate who would best handle abortion.”

  4. Check out for the ammo that the Clintons will use should McPain somehow get the Republican Nomination…

  5. Northmen

    Well, the headline was right, but no for Mittens. It’s close between McCain and Huck.

    To quote Howard Cosell, “Down Goes Mittens”, “Down Goes Mittens”!!!

    McCain 08′

  6. doug


    Mitt did disappoint in Georgia and Tennessee…we’ll see about California.

    Basically, it has been a three-man race in most of the South, as well as Missouri. It’s a two man race everywhere else in the country (that would be: McCain and Romney).

    Romney is on track to not only win Utah and Massachusetts, but Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and Colorado.

    And California will be key (where, again, it’s a two man race between McCain and Romney).

  7. Northmen

    Doug, it’s early, but it appears McCain is carrying a 2/1 advantage over Mitt in CA. Granted it is early, but if that trend continues, it will be a huge night for McCain.

    I know Mitt will stick it out to the end, but I really do not see him overcoming the McCain/Huck alliance.

    I truly believe that McCain is the only one in the field on the Republican side that has a chance in November.

    I know a lot of people are still upset at McCain over the “Shamnesty” bill (myself included, I am a Phoenix native). That said, I think McCain has come to realize that issue crosses both isles (i.e. dems/repubs both have an issue with illegal immigration, regardless of the country of orgin)and will work to get something reasonable done on the issue. I can tell you from 41 years of personal expierence, that illegal immigration is devestating our state (Arizona) and many others.

    Just for the record, I was very vocal with McCain’s office about the shamnesty legislation (along with many others in my state) and I truly believe McCain came away with a much better understanding of the issue as the American voting public view’s it.

    Only time will tell though.