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Nov 30th 2010

It’s come to this…

A “dark skinned” woman is upset that she was denied an acting job as an extra for The Hobbit because…they were looking for “light skinned” hobbits.

Next controversy: Matt Damon is upset he had to play a rugby team captain and wasn’t cast as Nelson Mandela.

One Response to “It’s come to this…”

  1. WhiteRose

    Good Lord! All I can say to this light skin women welcome to the light skin man’s world. We’ve endured this for decades.

    A note on a new book I just read about this subject in that Americans finally take a stand against a corrupt government. Yes, a thriller &fiction but seems so real with a surprise ending. Will be giving it out this holiday (all I can afford).

    I wonder if the young lady was a liberal before she was denied an acting part? Good article. Thanks.