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Jul 30th 2006

jesus, muhammed, and the media

remember when comedy central censored refused to show a depiction of muhammed from an episode of south park? the south park guys, matt stone and trey parker, just gave an interesting interview at

Matt: “It’s open season on Jesus.”
Trey: “Yeah. You can do anything you want to Jesus.”

[they] learned the ridiculous reality that they can show Jesus defecating on George Bush, but they can’t [even] show Mohammed [at all].

one blogger notes what is wrong with caving to this intimidation:

[comedy central’s] decision came in the wake of the Cartoon Intifada (see [1] [2] [3]), in which riots broke out around the globe after a Danish newspaper published cartoons depicting Mohammed.

The appeasers at Comedy Central, Viacom and elsewhere are teaching the world a dangerous lesson: if you want your preferred religious figure to get any respect, you’ve got to be willing to kill people to do it. [source; see also here, here, and here]

3 Responses to “jesus, muhammed, and the media”

  1. Now, I’m as irritated by the monosynaptic appeasement weasels at Comedy Central as anyone. I think their caving to Muslim extremism demonstrates clear hypocrisy and cowardice from a channel that constantly yaps about freedom of expression. But, nonetheless, let’s be clear here that censorship is really something that governments do, not private commercial enterprises. Nobody on the Right (of which I am a part) complained too much when Country stations refused to play music by the Dixie Chicks and many of us took exception to the Left’s characterization of such business decisions as censorship. Well, Comedy Central has the same right. They can refuse to show whatever images they want. It’s not censorship. It’s a business or private political decision. What they can’t do is wrap themselves in the first amendment and pretend to be its best defenders and not seem the rankest hypocrites when they cave in to Muslim extremist threats like that.


  2. good point. i stand corrected. i seem to have used the same word as the blogger i cited did in his blog post without thinking about it.

    it isn’t censorship, but certainly a silly hypocrisy. i’ve edited the post slightly to reflect this correction.

    a friend of mine said it best when he noted how the media and journalists claim to be willing to brave any threat and confront any danger to expose the world’s wrongs, but so many ran and hid when the muslim zealots threatened to kill people who showed the cartoons.

    it kind of brings the purity of their altruism into question.

  3. I agree, the double standard is pathetic. However, the only reason it exists is because the followers of Christ have been told to meekly suffer persecution. While I’m sure similar things might be found in the Qur’an, most in the Muslim world seem to not abide by that standard. If Christians took up arms over something as small as a cartoon, who knows what this country would be like today..