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Mar 18th 2003

john norris is dumb

commenting on the recent dixie chicks faux pas and the reaction by many of their fans to stop listening to their music, john norris (confident he had the moral high ground) remarked sarcastically, “funny, these are the same people that say they believe in ‘free speech.'”

john. you are an idiot. everyone is entitled to free speech. but not everyone is required to listen to things they dislike. natalie chose to speak freely. america’s rednecks have chosen to boycott her. she’s just lucky she doesn’t live in iraq, where she couldn’t get away with her recent comments without swift and unmentionable punishments.

entertainers are the ones who have to please the people, the consumers. if you don’t, the rednecks (or whoever comprises your audience) will spend their money elsewhere, like at a nascar event.

btw, could you just report the news? don’t try to impress us with your third-grade-level 1st amendment insights.

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